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Crystal Computers: Solar Eye and Stellar Eye

by Juan Icon
January 10, 2024 6 minutes  • 1198 words
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Microchips get faster by squeezing the amount of transistors per area.

A Pentium 4 has 42 million transistors in an area of 217 mm2. IBM’s most advanced 2-nanometer (nm) chip can put 333 million transistors per mm2.

The problem is that there is a physical limit on how small things can get and how much heat materials can take.


Electrons travel slowly and so a larger CPU will also make it slower. This is why the increase in speed is estimated to end by 2036 .

This is a problem because data is getting larger. The mismatch between increasing data and processing speed will limit will make things slow again.

For example, if each photo rises from 10 MB to 1 GB then photo editing becomes slower.

To fix this, we apply Cartesian Physics, described in Rene Descartes’ Dioptrics , to theorize crystal computers that use light instead of electrons.

Unlike optical computing which uses interference patterns, crystal computers create logic gates by freezing and unfreezing photons.

  • Light is frozen by depleting their energy through a crystal medium. This creates 0 and disappears the photon.
  • It is turned to 1 by re-energizing it through emission which makes it reappear and go out of the crystal.

Note that this technique is different from the thermal freezing of photons through a gas substance .

The resulting pattern of 1’s and 0’s is seen by a light sensor which reprocesses the information.

The process produces little heat and can be increased in size since light travels much faster than electrons.

The Cartesian Mechanism: Pores in Matter

In Cartesian Physics, all material things have ‘pores’ in them where Electromagnetic and invisible Spacetime particles pass through.

Descartes calls these particles as the 1st Element (fire-aether) and 2nd Element (air-aether) respectively. Superphysics calls them qor and qost, following the intuitive MSQ naming convention.

We call the electron-fluid in Cartesian Physics as qor (quanta of radiance) and light as mor (medium of radiance)

These pores facilitate gravitation, magnetism, and transparency, and are now known to Modern Physics as the empty space inside atoms.

An alignment of such pores in material objects can facilitate:

  • magnetism by allowing qors (magnetic fields) to pass through*
  • transparency by allowing mors (light) to pass through
  • ’levity’ or anti-gravity by letting the qosts (spacetime particles) pass through

*The alignment of the pores is known to Physics as alignment of the magnetic moment when you magnetize something.

To freeze photons, light is stripped of its energy by running it through consecutive pores in the crystal. It is then then reenergized by emission which is either by light, electromagnetism, or sound.

The emission technique uses the aether directly. It is not from Descartes, but from Johannes Kepler (Harmonies of the World) who got it from Pythagoras and Euclid.

It is the same mechanism for making room temperature superconductors (i.e. the invisible pores are manipulated only through the aether). In theory, it would be easier to produce anti-gravity and room temperature superconductors than a crystal computer.

This means that anti-gravity must be mastered first before the fabrication of crystal computers can even begin. The fabrication technique will be derived from the aether-based manufacture of superconductors.

Moreover, it will be anti-gravity that will float the crystal computer to orbit because it will be too big and heavy for Newtonian rockets.

So, the tech stack is:

Order Technology
1 Anti-gravity through the aether
2 Superconductor fabrication through the aetheric manipulation of metallic gravitational signatures
3 Quantum teleportation
4 Crystal superconductor fabrication through the aetheric manipulation of crystalline gravitational signatures

Three Solar Eyes

With this tech stack, we propose a spherical crystal supercomputer, called a Solar Eye, that orbits the Earth. It gets it light from the sun, and energy from alternating strips of solar panels.

Crystal Computer
An orbiting Crystal Supercomputer that serves the internet can make communication more efficient and less harmful for the planet.

Data is sent via radio waves (like wifi or 5G) from mobile phones or client-computers to an Earth-based hub. Then it is teleported up to the orbiting computer, processed, then teleported back down.

The Solar Eye not only facilitates Earth-based communication, but also constantly looks at the sun in order to get the gravitational-signature-ratio of the sun and that of the Earth.

This ratio will be compared to:

  • natural phenomena such as typhoons, crop failures, disease growth, etc.
  • man-made phenomena such as conflict, inflation, protests, etc.
  • map the teleportation coordinates within the solar system
Solar Eyes
Solar eyes serve a triple function: telecoms, phenomena prediction, and teleportation map for the solar system

Solar Eye as a Telecom Hub

As a telecommunications hub, this makes energy use much more efficient, significantly reducing the global warming caused by earth-based computers running of fossil fuels or stored energy.

This also centralizes data processing just like Amazon and Lazada centralizes shopping. The internet will be in outer space.

There will be less need for intensive computing being done on Earth. The only computers that remain will be the simple ARM chips for quick tasks.

This is similar to convenience stores where quick, small purchases are made, instead of large ones.

Solar Eye as a Phenomena Predictor

As a phenomena predictor, it can greatly reduce crop risk* and disaster risk, and even political and economic uncertainty**.

*This is explained by Bio Superphysics

**This is explained by Social Superphysics


It is proven by experience that under the conjunctions of Jupiter-Mars and Saturn-Mars, human souls are usually stunned, scared or excited in expectation of revolts – this happens when great crowds of men gather.

The Turks conquered Eger in the disaster of Erlau in 1596 under opposition Jupiter/Mars. The St. Bartholomew massacre happened under conjunction Saturn/Mars, moreover in Scorpio, in 1572.

It is useful for monarchs and sovereigns to occupy themselves with astrology from this point of view. For skill is needed to rule over the crowds.

Solar Eye as a Teleportation Map

Knowing the gravitational ratios between the sun and the Earth is essential in teleporting objects accurately within the gravitational territory of the sun.

In other words, each solar eye of a planet acts as a ’teleportation lighthouse’ that increases the accuracy of teleported objects arriving at the desired spacetime coordinate.

All these features imply that there must be at least 3 Solar Eyes orbiting the Earth at any one time. These 3 will cover all of the Earth, as well as get a triangulated ratio of the Earth and the Sun.

The Stellar Eye

Solar eyes facilitate communication in a planet as well as teleportation within the solar system.

What about for inter-planetary communication and teleportation to other stars?

For this, we propose the Stellar Eye, which is a larger version of the Solar Eye.

Stellar Eyes
Stellar eyes serve a dual function: interplanetary telecoms and interstellar teleportation map or lighthouse

The Stellar Eye will be positioned in L2, similar to the James Webb telescope.

  • To communicate with Mars, it will get the data from Earth-based hubs and then teleport it to the Stellar Eye of Mars which then teleports it to Mars.
  • To create a teleportation map to Proxima Centauri, it will look constantly at that star to get its gravitational ratio relative to that of the Earth.

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