Superphysics Superphysics

All Knowledge Can Be Grouped Into Three


1-50% Replicable: Paradoxical


51-99% Replicable: Subjective


100% Replicable: Objective

The Nature of the Soul

Everything is a wave that manifests as a particle

The analog universe streams in real-definition to create reality

The Soul of the Physical Universe

Material Superphysics

Based on Descartes and the five layers of the ancient Greek, Hindus, and Chinese

The Soul of Living Entities

Bio Superphysics

Based on the dynamics of the sentient energy

The Soul of Society

Social Superphysics

The Hidden Dynamics of Society

The Waves in the Economy


A sub-science of Social Superphysics, since Economics comes after Politics

Results of Tests of Superphysics Principles


We test the principles of Superphysics (Asian Sciences, Alternative Medicine, Adam Smith, Physiocrats, Rene Descartes, alien, etc.), both Qualitative and Quantitative, to solve our own problems

Proposed Solutions and Technology

We propose to implement the principles of Superphysics to solve modern problems

Unite the World with Common Morals and Systems

National Advocacies

We advocate the following based on Social Superphysics and Social Cycles to fix problems created by the Negative Force, using the Positive Force to Unite, De-materialize, and De-calcify countries

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