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Anti-gravity Principles

How Qosts Can Make Fusion a Reality

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Nuclear fusion is done by heating hydrogen into a plasma as to create energy. This is done in stars, creating natural heat and light.

In our Superphysics paradigm, this plasma is confined by the intense gravitational field from the star’s vortex. This allows the hydrogen to get so compressed and confined that it fuses, releasing energy.

Without this confinement, the star would dissipate immediately. And so, the extreme sustained confinement and compression are the keys to fusion.

This vortex idea is from the Physics of the aethrealist Rene Descartes, which was rejected by the materialist* Isaac Newton.

*Newton invested in the stock market and lost most of his wealth. Descartes did not.

And so, it never made its way into Modern Physics.

The description of Rene Descartes about star formation matches the findings from modern telescopes. Unlike Newtonian Physics which is matter-based, Cartesian Physics is aether-based, usually manifesting as rotating vortices, helixes, or chakras

The Limitations of Electromagnetism

Humans try to recreate fusion by using magnetism instead of artificial gravity. The problem is that magnetism uses up electrical energy in the process. This makes the input cost of outputting fusion energy very high.

When added to all the cost of making the reactor and its maintenance, it can possibly lead to loss. This makes fusion-by-magnetism commercially unviable – a sheer waste of money, time, and effort.

Physicists think that somehow, adding more energy will make the process more efficient. This arises from materialist thinking:

  • if you want your rocket to go farther, just add more fuel
  • if you want to win a war, just add more troops to your army

And so they make their reactors bigger and bigger. These merely create large reactions which are never sustained and so remain impractical.

For example, the world’s largest tokamak reactor in Japan has been under development since the 1970’s, yet has never produced sustained fusion.

The main problem with magnetism is that it is on the same Element or Layer as the heat that it is trying to confine. It is like the central bank trying to solve inflation by raising interest rates, only to cause a recession.

Fusion Solution: Anti-Gravity Via Spacetime Vortices

The proper solution is to think one level, or one Element, higher than the problem.

The proper confining mechanism, as mentioned earlier, is through gravity via spacetime vortices. This is because spacetime is naturally superior to the Radiant or Electromagnetic Layer or Element* (heat, light, electricity). (The true economic solution to price inflation is to use barter, which is on a different level from money).

*Descartes calls Electromagnetism as the 1st Element

5 Layers of Superphysics
Superphysics uses the five layers of aether, air, fire, water, and earth of the Greeks and Asians as aether, spatial, radiant, transformative, and material, or 水, 木, 火, 土, 金, respectively

Instead of confining the plasma with magnetic fields, they are confined with anti-gravity inside the reactor. This is done primarily by applying sound that matches the gravitational signature of deuterium and tritium.

This will create mini-vortices, made up of Quanta of Spacetime or Qosts, that will levitate the plasma and prevent it from damaging the reactor.

Descartes’ Gravity

Unlike Newton who believed that gravity was a pulling force, Descartes realized that gravity was caused by invisible spacetime particles, which he called the 2nd Element and which we call Qosts, pushing material objects towards the center of whatever body they are on. This mechanism then creates round planets (and water droplets).

An easy analogy is that:

  • the spacetime particles are like a bull
  • the material body is like a matador
Spacetime particles pin down material bodies just as a bull pins down a matador

A slow or lazy matador will easily be impaled to the wall by the bull. This is gravity keeping bodies stuck to the ground.

In order to defy gravity, a thing’s atoms must be arranged so that it will let more qosts pass through. This will reduce the pushing force, allowing the thing to rise or at least be lighter. This would be like the matador sidestepping the bull quickly.

This has already been done by Buddhist monks who can levitate at will.

Active and Passive Anti-Gravity

In this case, they use sound, as a mantra, to manipulate the vortices (chakras) in their body in order to allow qosts to pass through. We call this the passive version. We made this inference after a monk taught us how levitation works – we combined Buddhist principles with those of Descartes*.

*We couldn’t find any modern Western theory for this, so we went backwards to Aristotle, Socrates, Avicenna, etc. until we encountered Cartesian Physics which thankfully had everything that we were looking for. Rene Descartes saved us A LOT of time because he already explained all the basic principles. We just had to build on them and fix some minor mistakes (such as him having only 3 Elements instead of the traditional 5). This made us realize that Einstein was a genius sophist and that is why no one is able to unify General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

An alternative way is to use the qosts directly to propel a mass. In the video below, the levitator uses his aethereal mind to force qosts down through his chakras to repel those on the floor. We call this the active version.

Bob Lazar UFO

This is used by Bob Lazar’s UFO design which utilizes ‘gravity amplifiers’ to emit gravity ‘waves’ through the ship’s bottom. This makes the ship move top-forward towards its destination similar to how the levitator moves in a ’top-up’ direction instead of a sideways direction. This is in contrast to the passive version where monks can travel sideways by blocking/unblocking the qosts that pass through instead of funneling them.

Note for Future Generations

Of course, all of this is just the mechanistic explanation of gravity, and not the true aethereal explanation of gravitation signatures or svadharma which would be too unrelatable to most people. The true explanation is that gravity is the aethereal link or ratio between identities. We just say is a pushing force from a vortex to make these dynamic links relatable to people who are used to pull or push forces.

So how do we get there?

Since artificial gravitation is the key ingredient to sustainable fusion, the first step is to either levitate or prelevitate* things without using electricity.

*Prelevitation is done by making a thing lighter without actually levitating.

This was done by:

  • the ancient Egyptians to lift pyramid blocks
  • the Israelites* who used trumpets to amplify the gravitation of the walls of Jericho as to make them collapse

*The Israelites came from Egypt, so their scientists, who were called priests or rabbi, would have some idea of how the gravity tech of the Egyptians worked.

The use of trumpets by the Israelites is consistent with Kepler who wrote about the Harmony of the Universe, consistent with Socrates and Pythagoras:


A great distinction exists between:

  • the consonances of the single planets which have been unfolded and
  • the consonances of the planets in pairs.

The single ones cannot exist at the same moment, but the pairs absolutely can. This is because the same planet, moving at its aphelion, cannot be at the opposite perihelion at the same time. But of two planets, one can be at its aphelion and the other at its perihelion. And so the ratio of plain-song or monody, which we call “choral music” and which alone was known to the ancients, 1 to polyphony—called “figured song,”; 2 the invention of the latest generations—is the same as the ratio of the consonances which the single planets designate to the consonances of the planets taken together.

Therefore, musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.
The Republic by Plato Simplified, Book 3, Chapter 2
Trumpets of the ancient Egyptians
Two trumpets found in King Tut’s tomb

So the steps towards sustainable fusion are:

  1. Pre-levitate something (like a pyramid block) without electricity in order to derive principles (formulas)
  2. Apply those principles to smaller objects, then to liquids, then to gases, then to hot gases and plasma
  3. Make that plasma flow under extreme compression and confinement

Update: February 2024

We have done baby steps wtih Step 1 by making a 1 kilogram mass lighter by 2 grams, and a 300 gram mass lighter by 1 gram. But more specialized equipment, which we do not have, is needed to reduce the weight more.

So for now, we switch to more practical and useful Cartesian experiments, such as a top-down fire setup which might be useful for people who are affected by high gas prices from the War in Ukraine and Gaza.

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