Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 1b

The Probability Layer

by Juan Icon
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Axioms Propositions
There are 5 Layers in Reality Layer 0 is the Probability Layer

Predicted facts can only be probable.

Every time the physicist reasons by induction, he consciously requires the calculus of probabilities. That is why I examine what this calculus is worth, and what dependence we may place on it.

The Probability Layer is above and covers the aethereal layer. This means it is above existence and is only theoretical. We can also call this pre-existence that binds existence.

This layer is static and is driven by the desire of either the Creator or the createe.

Intelligent beings might have laws of their own making. But they also have some which they never made. Before there were intelligent beings, they were a possibility.
Spirit of the Laws, Book 1

When describing movement, Rene Descartes uses the word ’tend to’. This is because movement is inherently probabilistic. This is why Cartesian Physics has Quantum Mechanics built in.

This is different from Newton or Einstein who formulated their laws of movement emhasizing total predictability.

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