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Chapter 1

The Five Layers of Superphysics

by Juan Icon
January 1, 2020 7 minutes  • 1286 words
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The universe is a reality that is made up of 5 Layers that are completely integrated with each other.

An analogy is a Photoshop image which is made up layers that are on top of each other.

Layers in an image
Reality is made up of 5 Layers which the ancients called the 5 Elements

These layers were known to the ancient Greeks, Hindus, and Chinese as the 5 Elements. Currently, Modern Physics only knows 3 of the 5 as:

  1. Strong Force
  2. Weak Force
  3. Electromagnetism

The 4th force as gravity is not yet fully understood by Modern Physics. To understand why, we have to look into the nature of Western thinking.

The Western Limitation

Modern Physics came from Isaac Newton who came up with classical mechanics to explain why 17th-century things move. For example, a falling apple immediately includes 3 of the 5 forces:

  1. Strong force to keep the apple’s identity
  2. Gravitational force to make the apple fall
  3. Electromagnetism for the apple to repel the Earth and not fall through the soil

Newton was very good at math and so he naturally had little knowledge of metaphysics. This is because math deals with counting discrete identities and particles such as 1, 2, 3 whereas metaphysics deals with abstract waves such as the feelings of peace, prosperity, and love.

This is why Socrates said that the mathematician cannot possibly discover how the universe works. Rather it is the dialectician who can.

Surely the skilled mathematician is not a dialectician.
The Republic by Plato Simplified, Book 7

Newton’s ignorance of metaphysics is why he could not find the cause of gravity. But it is most obvious in his attempts to find hidden codes or prophecies in the Bible.

But I have not been able to discover the cause of gravity from phenomena. I have no hypotheses because hypotheses have no place in experimental philosophy.. To me, it is enough that gravity exists and that it accounts for all the motions of the the celestial bodies, and of our sea.
Principia Mathematica Book 3, General Scholium

The knowledge of metaphysics can be revealed by knowing the nature of the aether just as that of physics can be known revealing the nature of matter.

  • The aether acts as waves
    • This is good for music and therefore art and philosophy
  • Matter acts as particles
    • This is good for quantifying and therefore math and engineering

The operations of the mind for math and philosophy are very different. A good philosopher often is bad at math, just as an excellent mathematician is awful at philosophy.

Superphysicists are generally philosophers first, who use data science and computers to augment any deficiency in mathematics or memorization.

Modern Physics began with a matter-first paradigm and then jumped to the realm of electromagnetism. Over time, physicists classified forces into four:

  1. Strong
  2. Weak
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Gravitation

Physicists are still mystified by gravity, as proven by the lack of anti-gravity technology.

Einstein’s General Relativity (GR) was supposed to explain it. Like Newton, Einstein was good at math, able to create field equations to explain the structure of spacetime. However, like Newton, he was ignorant of metaphysics and so his field equations are unsolvable .

The limitations of Modern Physics are therefore caused by the ignorance of metaphysics, something that the West inherited from the Romans who assigned natural phenomena to the actions of gods and goddesses.

The Asian Model

Material Superphysics breaks through the limitations of Modern Physics by adding into it the proper metaphysics from the ancient Greeks, Indians, and Chinese who all follow a five-force model:

Greeks (Timaeus) Hindus Chinese Shape
Aether (dodecahedron) Akasha 水 still water Dodecahedron
Wind (octahedron) Vayu 木 moving wood Octahedron
Fire (tetrahedron) Tejas 火 radiant fire Tetrahedron
Water (icosahedron) Jala 土 transforming earth Icosahedron
Earth (cube) Pritvi 金 solid metal cube

Superphysics Uses Layers Instead of Fields

Physicists think in ‘fields’ as a consequence of Faraday assigning ’lines of force’ to electromagnetic phenomena.

But this is refuted by Descartes who wrote that circular motion is the default motion, as a consequence of having no void. This is also refuted by his description of quantum tunneling (in The World) where particles can cross over two spaces.

This is why we use layers instead of fields. We then unify all the understandings of the Romans, Greeks, Hindus, and Chinese under our 5-Layer model:

Name Greek-Hindu-Chinese Physics Force Superphysics Force Force Carrier Pythagorean Note
Probability Metaphysical Pseudo-science Yang Yin Soul Octave
Aethereal Aether, Akasha, 水 (still water) Pseudo-science Creative force Thought (effective qoa or idea) Ti (You)
Spatial Air, Vayu, 木 (moving wood) Gravity Gravity Schwarzchild Radius (qost or graviton) La (Milky way)
Radiant Fire, Tejas, 火 (expanding fire) Electromagnetism Male-Female force Photon (qol) Sol (Sun)
Transformative Water, Jala, 土 (changing earth) Weak Transformative force W Z Bosons (qor) Re (Things)
Material Earth, Pritvi, 金 (solid metal) Strong Nuclear force Gluons (effective qom) Do (Earth)

These 5 layers classify Physical Reality neatly so that it can integrate perfectly with Metaphysical Reality which is made up of life, soul and identity.

5 Layers

My manifest form is made up of:

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Flame
  4. Air
  5. Aether
  6. Life
  7. Mind (Soul)
  8. Individuality (Identity) These are my lower Nature. Learn my higher Nature that produces this Universe by its principle of life.
Bhagavad Gita
Five layers of Superphysics

These layers are immediately implementable in healthcare. For example:

  • Ayurveda has the 3 doshas (3 of the 5 layers)
  • Traditional Chinese medicine has wu xing (all 5 layers).

Western medicine only works on the material layer which is the crudest of the five. This explains why Western medicine has no solution to mental problems such as ADHD, bipolar disorder, addiction, mass shootings, and terrorism*. These reside in the the aethereal and spatial layers, not in the material layer.

*Superphysics note: This is why physically bombing terrorists does not really solve terrorism. It merely causes it to retreat to terrorize another day.

Western medicine is very good at material health problems that can be cured by physical surgery or masked by chemical medicines.

The Octave vs the Pentatonic Scale

Each of these layers has a sound which represents the wave of that layer. This manifests as the five-tones of the Chinese and the ‘diapente’ of Pythagoras, as Do Re Mi Sol La.

  • Sol is the Greek Sol for the sun
  • La is Greek for ‘milk’ which became the name of the Milky Way galaxy, as their universe

The totality of the universe, combining the physical and metaphysical, have 8 tones as the octave of the Greeks and the Bagua of the Chinese.

The major tones form general shapes when they are visualized in the same way that audio is visualized by modern mp3 players. This is why Plato organized them into 5 shapes:

  1. Tetrahedron
  2. Cube
  3. Octahedron
  4. Icosahedron
  5. Dodecahedron

These tones manifest as waves such as pulse.

By checking a patient’s pulse, the traditional Chinese doctor checks the wave of that person through his own feelings. Likewise, the homeopath checks this wave through the electrical current that he runs through his patient.

This sound or wave system is the only way to judge and measure the aethereal layer, as well as give the complete picture of the spatial layer. This is because light and sight are useless in the invisible aethereal layer and not 100% useful in the spatial layer.

For example, Galileo demonstrated that two objects with different weights visually fall to the ground at the same time, at the same speed. However, those two objects make different sounds. The difference of their resulting sounds then will indicate the differences in the nature of their gravitational signature.

Layer Transition
Aethereal Idea into Aethereal Wave
Spacetime Aethereal Wave into Physical Wave
Radiant (Electromagnetism) Physical Wave into Emitted Particles
Transformative Emitted Particles into Matter
Material Matter into Identity