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Chapter 2

The Upper, Middle, and Lower Sublayers

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Principles Assertions
There are 5 Layers in Reality Each Layer has 3 Sublayers Representing 3 Influences

Chapter 1 divided reality into 5 layers.

This chapter divides each layer into 3 sublayers, a upper, middle, and a lower part. This matches the 3 Influences or Gunas .

For example, the Material layer will have 3 sublayers with each with its own force or media, and quantum:

Layer Sublayer Medium Quantum
Aethereal Upper blue color charge qom1 (Up Quark)
. Middle green color charge qom2 (Down Quark)
. Lower red color charge qom3 (Strange Quark)
Layers and sublayers in the MSQ table
Each Layer is subdivided into 3 sublayers

The Internal Boundary

Within the sublayers is an internal boundary that separates the upper from the middle and lower sublayers.

  • Above the boundary, the sublayer has more metaphysical than physical properties.
  • Below the boundary, the sublayer has more physical ones.

For example, a well known boundary is the Higgs Field which we regard as the internal boundary within the Radiant Layer.

  • Below the Higgs Field, particles acquire measurable potential energy, called mass in Modern Physics, in Million electron Volts or MeV.
  • Above the Higgs Field, particles such as photons and ‘gravitons’ have no mass. This is because particles above the boundary are kinetic instead of potential.

This gives us 5 Boundaries:

Layer Boundary Description
Aethereal aib (Aethereal Internal Boundary) Separates identities that can be split up
Spatial sib (Spatial Internal Boundary) Separates identities with can be further split up
Radiant rib (Radiant Internal Boundary) Separates identities with potential energy (and can be split up)
Convertible cib (Convertible Internal Boundary) Separates identities that can be changed (manifesting as splitting up)
Material mib (Material Internal Boundary) Separates identities that can be split up by antimatter

The Hierarchy of the Layers

From the Medium-Sibstance-Quantum (MSQ) Table, we can deduce that everything in existence has varying degrees of:

  • identifiability (from the Material Layer)
  • stability (from the Convertible Layer)
  • visibility (from the Radiant Layer)
  • size (from the Spatial Layer)
  • audibility or harmony (from the Aethereal Layer)

The layers work in a hierarchy, with the aether being most superior and subtle, and matter being the most inferior and crude.

  • This hierarchy explains why gravity affects light and heat, but light and heat does not affect gravity.

For example, adding heat to a rock will not make it float. Shining light on a rock will reveal its identity, but not make it heavier or lighter.

In Social Superphysics, this is why those who know the 5 Layers (or 5 Elements) tend to be non-democratic. This is because, in order to full utilize or maximize the benefits of Nature’s hierarchy, wild democracy has to be stamped out. This increases the chances for ‘Golden Ages’ in a civilization. This is an example of

In Bio Superphysics, this hierarchy principle manifests as Homeopathy or Chinese medicine having less bad side effects than Western Medicine.

These layers are detected by the

Unity or Disunity Instead of Order or Disorder

In Physics, energy leads to the concept of entropy which is the order or disorder of systems.

Instead of order or disorder, Superphysics uses the words ‘unity’ or ‘disunity’. This is most useful in the aethereal layer where sounds can be united in a chorus, or disunited as noise.

It would be better to say that a family, society, or sports team is ‘united’ instead of ‘orderly’. Similarly, a car is united when all its parts are kept together, and disunited when it suffers a car crash or is left to rust.

  • Unity is facilitated by the Positive Force of Nature
    • This is called Yang in Taoism and Shiva in Hinduism.
  • Disunity is facilitated by the Negative Force of Nature.
    • This is called Yin in Taoism and Shakti in Hinduism.

Science was created by the Europeans who built knowledge from the bottom material layer – the most inferior but most obvious one. From the bottom, they worked their way up to the Convertible Layer via Chemistry and Nuclear Reactions, and the Radiant (Electromagnetic Layer) via Electricity.

This led to a messy, fragmented, and non-intuitive system of knowledge. For example:

  • Physics is now split into Particle Physics and Quantum Physics
  • Medicine is split into Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine
  • Economics is split into Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Welfare Economics, etc.

We clean up this mess by:

  • putting all knowledge into the 5 Layers, and
  • adding the 2 Forces as its operators.

These then create everything in reality.

For example, the 2 Forces manifests in 10 ways, depending on the Layer that they operate:

  • In the Aethereal layer, they manifest as harmony versus chaos
  • In the Spatial layer, they manifest as counterclockwise (stars, galaxy) versus clockwise rotation (pulsars, quasars)
  • In the Radiant layer, they manifest as waves of light versus hot and cold particles
  • In the Convertible layer, they manifest as radioactive decay or nondecay
  • In the Material layer, they manifest as the 3 color charges which match the 3 gunas of Hinduism

Organization of the 5 Layers in This Work

The principles of Material Superphysics is organized under the following headings which become Chapters.

Chapter Topic Probability Aethereal Spatial Radiant Convertible Material
1 Layer Intro
2 Sublayers
3a Medium moa most mor moc mom
3b Substance soa sost sor soc som
3c Quantum qoa qost qor qoc qom
4a Signature
4b Territory
5a 2 Forces or Vortex unite divide clockwise anti male female react nonreact matter anti
5b Relationality Attraction-Repulsion ‘General Relationality’ ‘Special Relationality’ Feynman Diagrams Contact Forces
6a Property Upper Low Probability unconscious dark energy carrier qoc1 detection gas
6b Property Mid Medium Probability subconscious dark matter wave (zeeman) qoc2 detection liquid
6c Property Lower High Probability conscious gravity particle qoc3 detection solid
7 Technologies Artificial Sentience, Sonic Fire Suppression Levitation, Teleportation, Fusion, Fission Retardant, Non-Abrasive Precision Fabrication Crystal Computers, Room Temperature Superconductors Neutrino Disease Detectors Stronger Materials

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