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How to Solve Global Warming

by Juan Icon
June 14, 2021 3 minutes  • 442 words
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The lashing of Hurricane Ida, the floods in China, and forest fires in Siberia and Europe has made the impact of global warming obvious to all. Unfortunately, policymakers seem to have no other solution to it other than:

  • reducing CO2 emissions through a carbon tax, anti-emission regulations, or green energy
  • building infrastracture as new dams, roads, and bridges that can withstand natural disasters better

However, despite lobbying by various parties and governments, such solutions still are not implemented due to their cost or impracticality. Since there is no solution yet, global warming continues, together with the natural disasters that come with it, such as:

  • superstorms and floods
  • viruses released from poached wildlife
  • forest fires
  • agricultural problems
  • extinction of certain species

Amazon rainforest destruction

The Solution

Unknown to many, global warming has been a problem since ancient times, as explained by David Hume:


Strabo says that the northern parts of Spain are ill inhabited because of the great cold. This means that Europe is become warmer than before.

This warming is caused by the cultivation of land which causes woods to be cleared. The woods formerly shaded the earth and kept the rays of the sun from penetrating to it. Our northern colonies in America become more temperate as the woods are felled.

Essay 11: The Populousness Of Ancient Nations

The most sustainable Supereconomic solution is not really green energy nor infrastructure. Rather, it is the planting of billions of trees in each country . This would suck both CO2 and store excess water to prevent floods while keeping some for droughts.


A dam prevents floods and droughts, but does not suck CO2. Solar power reduces CO2 but does not prevent floods or droughts. Both solutions are expensive and have a short lifespan compared to a forest that can sustain itself indefinitely and works for free (until humans come in and destroy it)

Supereconomics Sustainability Versus Neo-classical Economic Destruction

Supereconomics is the revival of Classical Economics integrated with Modern Data Science.

Classical Economics originally was study of how to manage an estate to keep it productive. Its main measures of productivity was the usefulness that its members derived from it.

Neo-classical Economics, on the other hand, was created after the Marginal Revolution which had the main goal of making more money. It came as a result of the growth of Mercantilism and the increased use of paper money.

In Classical Economics, a forest has use for its plant-and-animal citizens, and so it will be protected.

But in Neoclassical Economics, a forest has no obvious use to humans and would be more useful as a parking lot which can be monetized, and so it is bulldozed.

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