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Veritasium's 5 Fun Physics Phenomena

by Juan Icon
2 minutes  • 234 words
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Veritasium has presented 5 Physics Phenomena and asked their causes:

We answere these according to Cartesian Physics:

1. The Center of the Cane

Your body is making the needed adjustments per unit of time.

2. Phone Flip

When flipping the phone from the end, the contact force travels a wider plane which is subject to more lines of gravity compared to the phone flipped from the side. This adds instability to the flip.

3. Water Cup Attraction

Rubbing the cup reduces the spacetime particles (2nd Element) on the cup’s surface.

This liberates invisible electrons (1st Element). These electrons always move towards conductors and so the liberated ones jump to the water, and then must jump back to the cup.

These jumps kick out the spacetime particles between the cup and the water. This causes the water to be attracted to the cup to fill the space, since there is no void in Nature.

4. Magnetic Cereal

Invisible electrons (1st Element) from the magnet jump to the water and then back to the magnet.

The cereal has pores inside that are filled with spacetime particles (2nd Element). The jumping of the inivisble electrons push those spacetime particles, causing the cereal to move. This can be tested with a tiny sponge better than a cereal.

5. Rocket Tea Bag

The tea bag becomes light as the flame (1st Element) and so it goes up with it.

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