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Chapter 1

The Aethereal Layer

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Modern Physics is based on Newton who set the following rules :

  • Rule 1: We only need to look for the causes of natural phenomena that are enough to explain their APPEARANCES.
  • Rule 2: The same natural effects come from the same natural causes
Principia Mathematica, Book 3, Introduction

These rules limit the search for the cause of effects to those that are shallowly observable, usually from the sense of sight. Einstein even has a worse rule:

Our criterion for reality is simply if, without disturbing a system, we can predict with certainty a physical value.
Can Quantum—Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?

The problem is that there as so many motions and causes in the universe that are invisible:

  • The movement and spread of:
    • Covid
    • rumors and fake news
  • The movement of
    • prices and price-trends
    • fashion and fashion-trends, or a song in the Billboard charts
  • The movement and evolution of:
    • society from order to anarchy
    • ideas from hypothesis to theory
    • of animals from single-celled bacteria to multicellular ones, or from homo erectus to homo sapiens
  • The movement of galaxies and the expansion of the universe

As you can see, there are so many movements, of which the causes are unaccounted for. These make us unable to predict them or affect their course.

Through physics, we know how things fall, and so we build roofs that are just strong enough to protect our heads. But we do not know how societies move from poverty to prosperity, or from prosperity to anarchy. Otherwise, all countries would be prosperous, and there would be no such thing as revolutions, coups, or protests.

Newton explains all movements in the physical plane only, but says nothing about their origin or root cause:

The quantities of these centripetal forces can be called accelerative, motive, absolute.. I do not bother to know where such an absolute force come from. I just want to give them a mathematical form.
Principia Mathetmatica by Newton Simplified, Definitions

*This was a major criticism by David Hume on Newton. Hume preferred Descartes and so we look into his ideas.

Einstein also suffered from the same disease:

We do not need a comprehensive definition of reality.
Can Quantum—Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?

This limitation renders science unable to solve chronic problems which are ultimately caused by immaterial and metaphysical causes. For example:

  • Economic science is unable to solve inequality, poverty, recessions, debt, and inflation.
  • Phyics is unable to solve fusion (always 30 years away), teleportation, and levitation
  • Western Medicine is unable to solve Covid 19 as proven by the Omicron variant still spreading and making people sick, as well as many mental health problems (Update June 2022: as proven by mass shootings and the Russia-Ukraine war)

The Aether: Breaking Free From Material Limitation

Rather than start from the bottom and claw its way up blindly, Superphysics starts at the top and goes down to explain phenomena, matching it with science which is clawing its way up.

This ’top’ principle is the aether. The ancient Greeks, Kepler, Descartes, and the Asian sciences (Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism) all attributed all the motions in the universe to God through it.

The philosophers assure us that above the clouds there is an aethereal air much subtler than ours. That air is not composed of vapors of the earth, but is an element in itself
The World by Descartes Simplified, Chapter 5
But the true earth is pure and situated in the pure heaven—there are the stars also. It is the heaven which we commonly call the aether. Our own earth is the sediment gathering in the hollows beneath it.
Simple Phaedo by Plato, Chapter 9

We define the aether as the material of ideas, feelings, and the abstract mind that houses them.

In Hinduism, the aether is the akasha. In Taoism, it is the water element.

We put the aether in its own layer, and set it as the highest and most important layer in the universe. It is the start of existence in the metaphysical domain (since the previous layer is Probability which is only theoretical).

This layer dominates and rules the other four layers, just like spacetime dominates light as to give it a speed limit, and light dominates matter as to prevent two rocks from merging or passing through each other.

In terms of creation, this layer is the first layer that precedes physical manifestation. Since it is above spacetime, it is beyond Einstein’s rule that nothing can travel faster than light. Thus, time travel and teleportation to other multiverses is facilitated by this layer.

Name Traditional Name Force Particles Quantum
Athereal Aether Desire Ideas, Feelings Quantum of aether (Qoa), as idea-entity or feeling-entity

We write aether with an “a” to differentiate it from the disproven* ether of science. This is similar to writing dialectics as “Socratic Dialectics” to set it apart from the corrupted dialetics of Marx. Einstein claims that the Michelson and Morley experiment disproved the ether. In reality, it merely proved that the aether does not reside in the spacetime layer, but in its own layer as the aethereal layer.

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