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Why Tesla Bashed Einstein's Relativity

by Juan Icon
April 22, 2023 3 minutes  • 561 words
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Why did Tesla say that Einstein’s Relativity is “like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king”?

This is because Relativity is merely a test of equipment.

This is the reasoning that arises from applying Einstein’s own ‘Definition of Simultaneity’ in the real world, away from theory.

Back in Newton’s time, telescopes were inaccurate and so observations could not detect the small details such as the tilting of the revolution of a planet.

The prevailing equation was Newton’s law at F = G(m1m2/r^2) where mass was derived by sight through the medium of light. This manifested as the speed and luminosity of a planet while it revolved around the sun.

The Vulcan Fallacy

The inaccuracies of early telescopes led to discrepancies which then led to wrong predictions.

For example, Le Verrier in 1859 used Newton’s Law to predict Mercury’s position. But he could not find Mercury where it was supposed to be, citing a discrepancy of 43 arc seconds per century.

This led him to waste his effort to hypothesize that a non-transiting planet ‘Vulcan’ was attracting Mercury causing it to be in a different place.

Vulcan was then ‘found’ by Lescarbault using a crude telescope. This was quickly debunked by Liais using a better telescope in the same period.

This proves that the real culprit was merely the inaccurate detection equipment.

In 1915, Einstein entered the fray and absurdly proposed that spacetime was curved and that this curvature was causing Mercury to be not present where Newton predicted it to be.

The genius of his scam was a bunch of equations that injected the speed of light usually into the divisor to clean up the anomalies in the numerator (which often has the mass or energy variables).

This is because Einstein lived at a time where detection equipment got better – lenses were larger, mirrors had better silvering. These led to accurate measurements, including those for the speed of light which is the medium used to get the mass observations in the first place.

This is why his equations ‘fix’ the discrepancies in the Newtonian equations. They really do not say anything new about the universe, but merely describe the accuracy of modern detection equipment.

For example, LIGO uses light and so General Relativity works very well on it.

And so the ’tests’ of General Relativity are merely tests of equipment, whether they be falling objects in fast-moving modern satellites, or pulsar measurements by modern radio telescopes.

This is why Tesla says that it is just a superficial useless theory, like a beggar with rich clothes. So when you see an article: “Relativity passes test again!” It really means: “The equipment works!”

It is used by physicists to pat themselves on the back to justify the spending of grant money on useless projects.

As such, the beggar Theory of Relativity cannot describe how gravity is created. This is why it cannot explain dark matter nor dark energy, much less harness them for practical use.

The Solution

To actually understand and use dark energy and dark matter, we go back to the real kings, as the theory of aethereal vortices from Descartes (for dynamics) and the theory of archetypes by Kepler (for classification).

These can be used to create algorithms on the fly (instead of static Newtonian or Einsteinian equations) to manipulate gravity within the ever-changing spacetime.