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Why the Europeans Stuck to the Geocentric Model

by Juan Icon
March 24, 2023 2 minutes  • 400 words

Why did the West persistently believe that the Sun went around the Earth when the Hindus already had the heliocentric model from 500 AD?

The West believed that the universe was made up of 5 Elements as:

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Aether

This now manifests as:

  1. The Strong Force
  2. The Weak Force
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Spacetime
  5. Ether

This has a natural hierarchy. For example, a rock’s atoms are bound by the strong force which is made visible by electromagnetism which exists in space and time.

The problem was that the Greeks interpreted the ’earth’ element to be literally the Earth planet and the ‘fire’ element to be the Sun!

When put in a hierarchy, it leads to spheres of influence so that the earth-sphere is inside the sun-sphere. This logically leads to the geocentric theory.

5 Layers

Kepler tried to harmonize the traditional geocentric with the new heliocentric theory of Copernicus by converting the spheres into orbits and putting the Sun as the center earth element. He wrongly tried to rearrange the 5 elements to fit astronomical data.

Newton solved this confusion by throwing away the 5 Elements model and merely basing all of the universe on the earth element, as matter, with visible mass as the cornerstone.

From there, ‘science’ clawed its way back to ‘discovering’ the 5 Elements as the ‘Standard Model’ of strong, weak, electromagnetism, etc.

The big problem with this is that the earth element (strong force), although the most obvious, is also the most inferior. In the hierarchy, it is the effect that is farthest from the ultimate cause.

The proper basis of physics should be the aether (Hindu akasha) as the ‘boss’ of the 5 Elements.

Because of this wrong basis, Newtonian Physics is forever stuck. It can never know the real cause of phenomena but is so familiar with obvious effects.

Before Newton came along, the Physics of Descartes was the mainstream and proper one, as it correctly knew the 5 Elements and applied it to physical and astronomical phenomena.

Descartes, with his aethereal vortices, therefore is the key to fixing all the problems with the Newtonian system.

You would think that seeing galaxies in a spiral shape and DNA with a helix shape would prompt people to bring back Descartes’ vortices. But it seems that Newton has totally destroyed Cartesian Physics that people nowadays just know Descartes for abstract philosophy, as “I think therefore I am”.

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