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Chapter 4c

The Equation for Everything: The Eagle and Gravitational Signatures

by Juan Icon
December 26, 2020 6 minutes  • 1209 words
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Axioms Propositions
Each Idea is Unique The Uniqueness is Denoted by a Gravitational Signature

The Law of Conservation of Idea explained that:

  • all ideas are unique
  • all movement comes from the idea repelling or attracting others due to its inherent dharma or true nature

The Gravitational Signature

We notate this inherent dharma as G which stands for a gravitational signature. This signature causes a thing to “gravitate” towards to, or away from, another thing.


What is the Signature of things? Things are signed by whom? Who is the Signator? How many things are signed?

The signs of Physiognomy are from the stars.

This means that everything in existence has a G, whether it be a rock, a car, a virus, an opinion, a soul, a belief, a civilization, etc. This G dictates its movement, as kinetic energy, and its pre-movement, as potential energy.

  • We call the kinetic energy as F or force
  • We call the potential energy as E or inherent energy

Superphysics divides reality into 5 layers, as l, where all gravitational signatures exist in. This means that all G takes place in a layer or l.

We notate this as E = Gl. In Qualimath, this is E :: Gl

E = Gl
  • E is inherent energy and represents potentiality
  • G is the gravitational signature or dharma of the thing. This represents the Positivity or Shiva or Yang
  • l is the physical layer where the thing exists in. This represents the confinement by Negativity, or Shakti or Yin, on Shiva or Yang

We can call this equation as “eagle” as it is written with the letters E G l.

It predicts the movement of anything by knowing its G or dharma or true nature relative to other G’s within the same layer and/or the immediate layer above it.

The Eagle

The Eagle Standard

The idea for the eagle came from the eagle standard of the Roman legions.

Historians wrote how the legions would rally around their eagle symbol and protect it with all their might. Our eagle equation is centered on G which represents Socrates’ true nature or dharma, which is a central belief in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism.

Buddhists are urged to keep the wheel of dharma turning at all costs, just as Socrates’ guardians are supposed to keep up their mastery of true philosophy. This is because if dharma or true philosophy stops, then society would likely degrade into selfish animal behavior and the love for matter (materialism) filled with vices, gambling, destruction, wars*, crises, etc. instead of love for the Aether (the material of mind of God)

*Update Jan 2024: The increase in wars in Ukraine, Israel, Middle East, and the threats from China and North Korea are proof that dharma has lost its momentum.

This is why Superphysics is totally against Albert Einstein who not only reduced the aether to nothing, but also pushed for nuclear weapons which could lead to nuclear war. We place his intellectual ’evil’* on the same rank as the political evil of the other German, named Adolf Hilter.

*Our definition of evil is based on the strength of the ego

  • If the dharma of societies stop, then they go to war and destroy each other.
  • If the dharma of your car stops, then it breaks down, leaving you in the middle of nowhere.
  • If the dharma of your body stops, then you get sick unable to do anything useful.

Rallying around the dharma and making an effort to keep it up would be similar to how the legions worked hard to secure their eagle from their barbarian enemies.

  • In machines, this would be preventive maintenance.
  • In healthcare, it would be maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as ‘prevention is better than cure’.

Dharma then leads to related concepts like sustainability, harmony, long happy lives, and making the idea of wars and crisis obsolete.

The job of knowing or discovering this G and predicting its movement-results is done by specific sciences:

Science Eagle Manifestation
Material Layer Physics w = mg
Convertible Layer Physics Feynman Diagrams
Radiant Layer Physics E = mc 2
Spatial Layer Physics E = G AB
The five layers

The eagle also extends into metaphysical movement, such as the movement of minds. This makes it applicable even to the Medical and Social Sciences.

Science Eagle Manifestation
Sociology and Politics (Social Layer) The l becomes the 4 Cycles
Economics (Economic Layer) The l becomes the 4 Laws of Value
Medicine (Medical Layer) The l becomes the 5 paradigms of Western medicine, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy
Agriculture (Plant Layer) The l becomes the plant layer
  • In the social layer, it manifests as the potential shifts in public opinion according to social cycles by Socrates (aristocrat, oligarch, democrat, tyrant). This leads to changes in policies, ruling parties, cultural norms, morals, and religious beliefs. This is to be discovered by Social Superphysics

  • In the economic layer, it manifests as the potential movement of prices according to the labor theory of value instead of marginal pricing.

This is how we predicted the current crisis and why we predict it to be a long one. Its goal is to know the real price of everything, in order to prevent inflation, bubbles, recessions, and economic crises. This is to be discovered by Supereconomics which is a subset of Social Superphysics

  • In the medical layer, it manifests as the potential movement or risk of a person from health to disease and is discovered by applying data science to the five medical sciences of Western medicine, ayurveda, chinese medicine, homeopathy, and naturopathy.

This is discovered by Medical Superphysics .

  • In the agricultural layer, it manifest as the potential movement of a crop towards a good harvest. This is discovered by Agricultural Superphysics.

The G of Human Nature

According to Socrates, the discovery of the G or true nature of everything is extremely laborious. This is why we start in the economic layer so that a success here can give us the resources to help us extend our searches to all the other layers and fiels of metaphysics and physics.

David Hume, who was an economist aside from being a metaphysician, agrees to this targetting of the human first, instead of his external environment:

Here, the only expedient for success in our philosophical researches is to.. march up directly to the capital or center of these sciences, to human nature itself. Once we master human nature, we may hope for an easy victory everywhere else. From here, we may extend our conquests over all those sciences.. We may hope to establish… a science which will not be inferior in certainty, and will be much superior in utility. The science of man is the only solid foundation for the other sciences.
Treatise of Human Nature, Advertisement

This true nature is called by Francis Bacon as the “true form”:

Our genuine and perfect rule of practice is that it should be certain, free and preparatory, or having relation to practice. This is the same thing as the discovery of a true form. For the form of any nature is such, that when it is assigned, the particular nature infallibly follows. Form, therefore is always present when that nature is present, universally attests such presence, and, is inherent in the whole of it.
Nova Organum

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