Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 4b

Ideas are Static Particles, Feelings are Dynamic Waves

by Juan Icon
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Principles Assertions
There are 2 Domains in Reality Ideas are Static, Feelings are Dynamic
Between 2 points there is a flow of cognition. In that flow, bubbles are created. These bubbles are ideas in the Cosmic emanation of the Supreme. When these bubbles touch the unit “I” feeling, ideas are created in the unit. These are the reflections or refractions of the Cosmic Idea. The unit tries to express them through its own psychophysical structure as speech and language.. As far as the reflected bubbles are concerned, the language of the universe is the same forever, always one and indivisible.
The Evolution of Languages

The author of cat novel starts to write it down by tapping into his feelings and ideas. These keep on changing dynamically as a flow which allow the cat’s story to take a metaphysical shape.

Will it flow to a happy ending?

Will it be cute and funny?

Or will it be sad and lonely?

Flipbook about a cat

The reader of that novel will then experience the wave of the author’s feelings about the cat through the movement of the characters and events in the novel. The reader will think that those events are single events, and that each character is a single character.

In reality, each of those events and characters are made up of many slices of quantized-events and quantized-characters*.

*Here we use the word ‘quantize’ instead of ‘quantum’ to emphasize the action of the mind that isolates the smallest perception that it can make.

For example, a cat character in a novel 100 pages is actually made up of 100-cat entities which are stitched together artificially by the mind into one consistent cat-entity or cat-idea.

Likewise, our reality is made up of independent “pages” or planes of reality that flow, or are connected by our minds with other contiguous planes, to create one consistent reality. This is the same mechanism that our minds use to connect the metaphysical domain with physical domain in order to create the current reality*.

*Science and quantum mechanics can never reach into this because they do not allow a metaphysical domain.

Slices of Reality
Our reality is really made up of many slices of waves sown together by our abstract minds, in our abstract minds

We are Inside the Mind of the Creator, Everything is Its Idea

We can then make an analogy that the Creator of the universe began writing Its ideas onto the physical domain as the ‘Big Bang’* as the first page of the novel of reality. The changes in the universe then arose from the Creator’s changing ideas and feelings, just as the novel changes through time.

Unlike Physics that only has physical time, Superphysics has both physical and metaphysical time:

The Creator rejoiced when He saw his creation moving and living..The nature of the creation’s Idea-being was everlasting. But it is impossible to make creation everlasting. So He resolved to have a moving image of eternity. When He set the order of the heaven, He made this image eternal but moving according to number, while eternity itself rests in unity.

This image is what we call time.

Timaeus by Plato Simplified, Chapter 4

*Our version is a metaphysical Big Bootup. Going to the beginning of space and time will merely extend or push the beginning of space and time. This is like chasing the wind or running in circles.

Ideas are Particles, Feelings are Waves

These ideas and feelings from the Creator, thus, flow onto the physical domain in order to create reality in real-time:

  • We define ideas as metaphysical particles
  • We define feelings as metaphysical waves

This is similar to:

  • how waves of electricity flow to our TVs to give us particles of pixels on the screen
  • how radiowaves flow to our phones to give us particles of data that we see as websites and web pages

These ideas and feelings are all made up of the positive and negative aspects. This is similar to:

  • data being made up of 1’s and 0’s
  • electricity arising from positive and negative charges

The Hindus call this Virtual Reality or Existence as Brahma and the Taoists call Its flow as the Tao.

  • The ‘on’ or ‘published’ state is called Saguna Brahma
  • The ‘off’ or ‘draft’ state is called Nirguna Brahma

Do You Have a Problem? The Solution Already Exists!

All the data served by the internet pre-exists. This means that all possibilities already pre-exist.

If you have a problem, then it follows that its solution pre-exists and you just have to find it. If the solution does not pre-exist, then it means your problem is not really a problem*.

*The evolution from problem to solution as still part of the aether drag. Without this drag, all problems would be solved instantly. Cavemen take a longer time to solve problems than modern humans and so we say they have more drag or staticity. This drag is caused by the Negative Force.

For example, no one has ever imagined that humans should have three or four legs, and that having only two legs was a problem. Thus, there has never been a search for its solution.

On the contrary, people have imagined that our inability to fly was a problem and so the solution manifested itself as powered flight. The metaphysical solution often arrives much faster than the actual physical solution, though in rare cases they can come together by coincidence.

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