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How to Fix Israel

by Juan Icon
November 5, 2023 5 minutes  • 927 words
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Hamas attacked Israel in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, 2023. It came as a shock that they could penetrate so easily into Israel and kill so many innocent people.

It was a huge blow against Israeli ego, and so they respond totally disproportionately by invading Gaza and killing so many Palestinians in revenge.

Netanyahu sophistically says that their invasion has the same moral grounds as the US avenging Pearl Harbor or 9/11. This is wrong because:

  • The US only bombed Japan indiscriminately because all of Japan pledged allegiance to their Emperor. Not all Palestinians are allied with Hamas
  • The US did not bomb Afghanistan indiscriminately. Instead, they took a lot of pains to operate close to the civilian populations to avoid collateral damage. This is why a lot of US soldiers died.

How the Jews Took Arab Lands

Superphysics solutions work by striking at the root of the problem. The problem in Palestine began when Israel invaded and took the land for themselves.

They couldn’t do this in ancient times when military strength was manual, through spears and swords, and not through machines like the machine gun.

This was because the population of the Israeli tribes was small compared to the Arabs, Persians, Romans, Babylonians, etc and so they were constantly defeated and expelled from Israel.

The industrial revolution allowed machines to replace manual work. This helped Europe conquer the world until they realized that even conquest was a lot of work. And so they retreated back to Europe, leaving behind the European system to give them easy access to the world.

The Jews embraced this European system through finance and industry (machines) since their population was small and these systems helped them maximize themselves by multiplying their labor.

Their power rose along with the rise of industry and finance. This is why Hitler tried to isolate them to prevent their rise. He lost during World War II. This allowed the Jewish power to grow again and set foot in Israel.

While the Jews focused on finance and industry, the Arabs focused on oil. The problem is that oil is a mere commodity and does not multiply labor or productivity.

In a war using machines, productivity is important as it gives the vehicles, weapons, ammunition, and supplies needed by the military.

Arab productivity was far less than that of the Jewish power which was based on the financial industry. And so, Isreal could buy the expensive modern weapons that let them gain more Palestinian lands.

The power of finance can be reduced by moneyless systems.

The Solution: One State

The productivity of the Isrealis allowed them to defeat the low-productivity Arabs and create the state of Israel, occupying the lands of the state of Palestine.

The solution of the world was a shallow Two-State solution wherein Israel and Palestine would have their own territories, government, miltary, educational system, etc.

But this doesn’t work because Palestinian productivity is nowhere close to that of Israel. And so Israel still lords over Palestine.

The best and only real solution is to unify the 2 states into a single state of Israel where both peoples will have equal rights.

A Key Solution: A Unified Book

The problem between the Jews and Arabs spring from the opposing ideas that have been programmed to them by their foundational books:

  • The Torah
  • The Quran

These opposing ideas and feelings exist in the metaphysical domain of the abstract mind or soul and obviously have take hostage of the Jewish and Arab souls, to the point that they sacrifice their physical lives for those metaphysical ideas and feelings.

Although the Israel-Palesting conflict manifests as a physical land grab problem, it is first a metaphysical conflict arising from the difficulties of physical desert life.

Why are their ideas so contrary?

Before the invention of printing, the principles of society were not so well known. Society was glued by arbitrary laws made by strong personalities. For example, the Jews had their own laws in the Torah, just as the Muslims had their own laws in the Quran.

Laws are just encapsulations of the feelings of the leaders at the time when they were created. So those laws are really the feelings of those leaders.

Printing allowed people to express their feelings and make policy suggestions. This led to the representative form of lawmaking.

So the key solution to the conflict is to make a new book that has both the feelings of the Torah and the Quran. We will call it as the “Unified Book”. It will have the important principles in both Judaism and Islam such as God, civil law, Judgement Day, etc.

It will not be a religious book, but rather a moral or philosophical one.

Phase: Year Policy
Phase 1: 2024 Sanctions are placed on Israel for crimes against humanity until One State Solution is ratified. Work on the new Constitution, as well as the Unified Book begins.
Phase 2: 2036 The Constitution abd Unified Book are ratified and taught to all.
Phase 3: 2048 Sanctions are lifted. All historical land titles from the records of the Ottoman empire, Britain, and Jordan will be collected. Lands will be given back to descendants of owners as usufruct rights. A lot of clashes will happen at this period.
Phase 4: 2060 Most of the clashes will die down. The Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, etc. can gradually return.
Phase 5: 2072 Zionism will have a mini-resurgence and cause clashes with the returning refugees.

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