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How to fix China

by Juan Icon
September 18, 2021 3 minutes  • 505 words
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The coming China-Taiwan war is a natural consequence of the wrong policies of Nixon.

Ideally, the US should have stayed away from China so that it would evolve into a North Korea. The foreign investments that went to China in the 1980s would instead flood into Taiwan making it strong enough to declare independence by the 1990s.

This would prompt an invasion from a backward China which will be easy for Taiwan and the US to mop up just as the US rolled into Iraq easily.

Instead, Nixon strangely began a ‘One China Policy’ in 1972 which actually gave legitimacy to Communist China. Under that policy, China and Taiwan would be given equal chance to be the true China. Its most important provision was the complete withdrawal of the US military from Taiwan.

Nixon did it to ensure that China would reduce its support for North Vietnam so that South Vietnam could survive after the US leaves Indochina. In this way, Communism would be confined by Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, and South Vietnam in the East, and Iran and Europe in the West.

But the Vietnam war was a failure from the start because the US had no moral cause.

Nixon’s visit to China actually led to a counter-visit by Deng to the US, from which Deng got the idea to switch China to state capitalism.

Gorbachev also visited the West in the 80’s but somehow never got such ideas. This is why the Soviets collapsed but China dominated. This also proves that the moral essence of China is more advanced than that of Russia. This is rooted in the fact that China is an old civilization while Russia is a young one, totally unconnected to the older Aryan civilization.

China as a global power was evident in 2008 with the Beijing Olympics a few years after Clinton allowed it into the World Trade Organization (WTO).

Under the One China Policy of 1972 (disregarding the unilatral Taiwan Relations Act of 1979), this should have prompted the US to declare Beijing as the true China.

The proper policy would then be for the US to ‘hand over’ Taiwan, alloting 20 years for Taiwanese industries, such as semiconductors, to move out and into Vietnam. This is because Vietnam was a former Chinese colony which follows some Chinese traditions that the also Taiwanese have.

This whole thing exposes that the underlying moral essence of the US is really money and not freedom. This is consistent with them backing out of Iraq and Afghanistan, yet not invading so many oppressed, but poor countries in Afica.

Nixon legitimized Communist China because of its potential to make money for the US, as proven by Apple, Intel, Ford, Nike, and Starbucks. Those corporations would never become as large as they are had they been limited to the tiny market and workforce of Taiwan.

We will lay the Step-by-Step Solutions after the end of the China-Taiwan war, as that event will calibrate our model.

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