Superphysics Superphysics
Part 2

Midnight message

by Dada
5 minutes  • 989 words
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Last night, I went to sleep at 11pm in a second-story room of the yoga house. The other bed next to mine was empty.

About midnight I was awakened by a voice. By the moonlight coming through the window, I could see a man lying in the other bed wearing white pajamas.

He told me to get up and tell everyone that no one was to go to sleep until they’d done their second meditation.

Though surprised, I stood up unquestioningly and walked out of the room to the stairway. Looking down, I saw only one brother, Brian, sitting on the sofa.

“I don’t know quite what’s happening,” I mumbled down to Brian, “but, there was a man on the other bed in my room, and, oh, pardon me, it’s all so strange, maybe it doesn’t make sense, but well, anyway. I’ll repeat what he said: ‘No one is to go to sleep until they’ve done their second meditation.’ That’s what he said. So excuse me, and good night.”

As I was talking. Brian was looking around, unable to find the speaker. In the end, as I turned toward my room, he glanced up and saw me.

When I entered my room, I looked at the second bed. Nobody. But a powerful oscillating energy pervaded the air, walls, floor, furniture, everything, and made me feel dizzy. It was as if the room had been mystically transported onto an ocean-going ship, which bobbed up and down as it moved over powerful waves.

I lay down, bewildered, and merged into that vibration.

Within seconds I fell asleep.

In the morning, Brian came up to me and said, “That was incredible last night.”

“Last night? What?” I said. My mind was blank.

“You don’t remember? Really strange! I was sitting alone late last night, feeling exhausted and a bit sick, thinking, T just can’t do my meditation tonight. Baba, don’t mind. I’ll go to sleep.’” As he said this, my memory clicked and it all flashed back.

“Yeah, I remember now!”

“Well, anyway, as I started to get up I heard your voice, but couldn’t understand where it was coming from. In fact, I thought it was Baba’s voice! And what He said through you made my whole body shake until I mentally threw myself at His feet. After that, when I looked up and finally saw you, well, I was shocked again. Of course I went to my room after that and did long meditation.” 9


Today for the first time I saw a photo of Baba. I was stunned. It was the same man who was in my room three nights ago. I had always imagined that Baba would have a great beard and powerful eyes. But

9 In order to receive Ananda M arga initiation, two disciplines are required: meditation at least twice daily, and participation in the weekly group meditation. The student isfree to experiment with many other practices and exercises, but the most crucial one is regular meditation.

the man who had been in my room, and who I now realized was Baba Himself, was clean-shaven, wore glasses, and appeared more like a gentleman than a yoga master. Yet He is a yoga master, I have no more doubt, and more powerful, I see, than I could have ever imagined. 10

A challenge

Oklahoma. About 600 Margis from all over America are attending the retreat here. I participated in a meeting with 70 persons who wanted to work as full-time volunteers. I volunteered to go to Mississippi, which is one of the few states yet unstaffed. Mississippi is infamous for being the state having great racial hatred between blacks and whites. It will be an interesting challenge to introduce universalism to such people.

Jackson, Mississippi. I arrived yesterday with one other new volunteer. Last night we slept peacefully under a bush.

We haven’t a single friend, reference or contact.

Because there is a shortage of houses, the real estate companies all say that it takes from three months to one year on the waiting list before one can rent a place. Nevertheless, we found an agency today that made an exception for us. It’s a small house, but it’ll keep the rain out better than a bush.

What did I say?

I gave my first lecture on yoga today at the university. Since nothing was planned, I completely depended on Baba to guide me.

There were forty students plus a few teachers—all from the Department of Psychology. After they introduced me, I stood dumb before them. Ten seconds, twenty seconds passed. I began to swear and mentally screamed at Baba, “Why aren’t you giving me any ideas?”

Baffled at His unexpected non-cooperation, I started speaking something, anything. As a few awkward words emerged in a slow nervous stutter, I thought, “Baba, help me!” Suddenly an intangible wave rolled over me.

The fear evaporated, and words began to flow. I spoke for one hour. At the end everyone applauded enthusiastically.

“Though Baba recommended that men should keep at least two-inch beards so that the normal temperature of the related glands is maintained, He nevertheless shaved. Under the demand of social conditions a man may have to shave. Baba’s appearance demonstrated that there is no spiritual difference between renunciatesand family people. The same potential enlightenment is everyone’s birthright, even for those who are compelled to moderately compromise their lifestyles.

While we were walking back to our flat, David (the other volunteer) said, “Wow, that was perfect! They all seemed totally absorbed in your words. And so amazed, they couldn’t ask a single question after your speech! Afterward I heard several people saying they felt you spoke straight to their inner needs.

Where did you get such ideas?”

Still excited from the experience, I said, “Before I try to answer your question, can you answer one of mine? What did I talk about? 1 don’t remember a single sentence.”

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