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Publisher's Note

2 minutes  • 406 words

P.R. Sarkar gave discourses on microvita over the short period of two and a half years from December 1986 to June 1989 at the very end of His life.

It was the author’s wish that the new and difficult science of microvita would become the subject of intensive and extensive research by both spiritualists and scientists alike. He expressed the view:

“There should be extensive research work regarding this microvitum or these microvita. Our task is gigantic and we are to start our research work regarding these microvita immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way.”

In this third edition of Microvitum in a Nutshell, all the talks given by P.R. Sarkar on the subject of microvita have been compiled and published in English for the first time.

The chapters “Some Examples of Microvita in Daily Life”, “Crude and Subtle Microvita”, “Microvita and Spiritual Attainment”, “Smell and Microvita” and “Disembodied Souls and Microvita” have been translated from the original Bengali edition of Shabda Cayaniká. The talks contained in the first three of these chapters were published in the second edition of Microvitum in a Nutshell but have been revised for the present edition.

The talks contained in the remaining two chapters have been translated and published in English for the first time.

The Renaissance Universal (RU) Discourses “Microvita – The Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor”, “Four Dimensions of Micropsychic Longings”, “Microvitum and Its Effect on Human Body and Human Mind”, “Mobility and Movement of Microvita”, “Microvita and Their Influence on Micropsychic and Macropsychic Corporeal Structures” and “Matter and Abstract” were all given in English.

The chapters “Sadguru and Microvita” and “Sidereal Year” were translated from the original Bengali and have been published for the first time in this edition.

Most of the questions and answers in the chapters “The Theory of Microvita and Its Possible Effects on Society” and “Questions and Answers on Microvita” were given in English, as were the talks contained in “Some Guidelines for Commencing Microvita Research”. The chapter “Neo-Ethics of Multi-Lateral Salvation” was also given in English.

The chapters “Plexi and Microvita” and “Microvita and Cosmology” have been compiled from English talks given by the author in seminar training classes.

Finally, the Dharma Mahácakra (DMC) discourse “Cult, Inference and Propensity” was delivered in English, Bengali and Hindi simultaneously. The Bengali and Hindi portions were translated and incorporated into the English version.

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