Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 1

Microvitum, the Mysterious Emanation of Cosmic Factor

by PR Sarkar
December 31, 1986 6 minutes  • 1150 words

In order to conceal our limitations or hide our imperfections about the things that we do not know, we say that they are non-existent, or in a more intelligent style, we will say it is an abstract.

In this universe of ours, whatever comes within the scope of our senses or within the periphery of our perception, we say, “It is”.

Whatever is beyond the arena of the senses or the jurisdiction of perception, we cannot say anything. Hence, our world functions within the limitations of our senses and perceptions.

We know in the realm of Cosmic introvert or extrovert that in the first phase – that is, in the phase of extrovert – “subtle” is transmuted into “crude”, and in the returning phase of introvert, “crude” is metamorphosed into “subtle”.

In this semicircular approach, there may be subtler objects in the scope of matter – many objects subtler than electrons or protons, [neutrons] or positrons – but we find no alternative but to say that they are either electron or proton or positron or neutron.

Similarly, in the psychic sphere there may be entities subtler than ectoplasm or its extra-psychic coverage, endoplasm.

There are entities which come within the realm of both physicality and psychic expressions which are smaller or subtler than atoms, electrons or protons. In the psychic realm, these may be subtler than ectoplasm.

For such objects or for such entities I use the term “microvitum”.

These microvita, are not of protoplasmic order. They have got little to do with carbon molecules or carbon atoms, which are treated as the initial points or initial stage of life in this universe.

So far as physicality is concerned, the position of these microvita is just between ectoplasm and electron, but they are neither ectoplasm nor electron.

It is a human wont that whatever we know regarding any subject or any object, when we know that it exists but its characteristics or other particulars are not known to us, we say it is “mysterious”.

So these microvita are mysterious.

They are not of protoplasmic order, and hence the question of their protozoic structure or metazoic structure does not arise. They are something mysterious.

These microvita are not of the same density or the same subtlety.

Some of them may come within the range of a highly developed microscope. Some of them may not come within the range of a microscope, but by their actional expression or through their actional faculty or as a result of their actional vibrations, they may come within the scope of our perception.

They are of subtler order.

There may be still more subtle forms of microvita which may not come directly within the scope of our perception but may come within the scope of a special type of perception which is actually the reflection of conception within the range of perception in a limited sphere.

These microvita may be broadly divided into 3 categories:

  1. Those coming within the scope of a microscope [these are bacteria and viruses]

  2. Those not coming within the scope of a microscope but coming within the scope of perception as a result of their expression, as a result of their actional vibration []

  3. Those not coming within the scope of common perception but coming within the scope of a special type of perception which is actually the reflection of conception within the periphery of perception. [7 microvita]

Such perception – that special type of perception – may be felt or realized by persons having highly developed minds, having spiritually oriented minds.

Regarding these microvita of crude order which may come within the scope of a microscope, people give them the name “virus”. They say, “This disease is of virus origin.” But virus is a vague term. The better term will be microvitum, and not virus.

These microvita move throughout the entire universe, from one celestial body to another.

They move everywhere, crossing the boundaries of nebulae, piercing through milky ways, galaxies, stars, satellites, planets and meteors. They move unbarred, without caring for the atmospheric conditions or barometric readings.

How do they move? Everybody requires some media for movement. Mobility means movement through a medium or media.

There may be more than one medium, that is, there may be many media at a time in the same movement.

These microvita also move through several media. They move through sound. The so-called virus of a diseased person may move through his or her sound. They may move through tactuality.

They may move through forms or shapes.

In the case of some of the diseases, the disease spreads through the smell of the disease.

In the case of subtler metavita [microvita], they may move through ideas. A particular idea may get accelerated speed in a particular planet with the help of a few conceptually developed minds.

That is, a great man with a great conceptually developed mind may spread his ideas with the help of these microvita throughout that planet, or even throughout this universe in different celestial bodies.

What is the root cause of this universe? Which is the starting point of life or vitality?

These microvita are the carriers of life in different stars, planets and satellites – not carbon atoms or carbon molecules.

These living creatures with their mysterious movement create minds and bodies, living bodies in different celestial bodies.

They also destroy minds and physical bodies, or developed or undeveloped corpor, in any corner of this universe.

So the root cause of life is not the unicellular protozoa or unit protoplasmic cell, but this unit microvitum.

There should be extensive research work regarding these microvita.

Our task is gigantic and we are to start our research work regarding these microvita immediately without any further delay, otherwise many problems in modern society will not be solved in a nice way.

Pramá [equilibrium and equipoise] is an essentiality in the field of intellectuality or intellectual pursuit.

Similarly,x in the higher intellectual realm research work on these microvita is extremely necessary.

Here we should again remember the fact that these microvita are a creation in the internal phase, rather in the returning phase of cosmic expression.

We are human beings with developed intellect. I think, rather I hope, rather I am sure that the day is sure to come when human beings will have proper control over these microvita.

In ancient times, regarding the singular or collective structures of these microvita, the ancient rśis [sages] said that they are of seven species:

  1. yakśa
  2. gandharva
  3. vidyádhara
  4. kinnara
  5. siddha
  6. prakrtiliina
  7. videhaliina

This is according to the nature of their subtlety or the nature of their crudeness.

By dint of our spiritual sádhaná, rather our physico-psycho-spiritual sádhaná, our minds will develop in all [[their]] strata.

The power of conception, the power of conceiving, will also develop, and with that developed conceiving power, we will know all the secrets of these microvita.

31 December 1986 RU, Calcutta

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