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Chapter 1c

The Formation of Mind

by PR Sarkar Icon
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Objects as Mind-Stuff

As static Activity starts its domination, it forces the Ego-Layer or Active Identity to separate from the Identity-Layer or Cosmic Identity to become the object of the Cosmic Identity.

This allows the Ego-Layer to have full activity through the cruder mind-stuff (citta).

Thus, the Cosmic Subjective “I” or Cosmic Identity is partially transformed by the Principle of Activity into:

  • the Cosmic Active “I” [Acting Identity or cause]
  • the Cosmic objective “I” from a portion of its Cosmic Subjective “I” [target or effect].

Here, Consciousness becomes Its own objects, as mind-stuff. Thus, the mind-stuff is an objectivated form [target or effect] of the Cosmic Identity.

Through the Cosmic mind-stuff created from the Cosmic Identity:

  • mutative Activity lets the Active Identity do psychic functions
  • static Activity makes a portion of the Active Identity feel the results of Its own actions (gets objectivated)

Here, Consciousness feels the bondage as an objective reality or Cosmic mind-stuff.

  • Its immediate mental subjectivity is the Ego-Layer
  • Its supreme mental subjectivity is the Identity-Layer.

“Mind” is the collective name of the Identity-Layer, Ego-Layer, and mind-stuff.

  • Its subjective counterpart or cause is the Cosmic Consciousness.
Mind = Cosmic Identity + Active Identity + Mindstuff

The process of crudification still continues under the increasing domination of static Activity.

  • The Macrocosmic Nucleus transforms into the Identity-Layer
  • The Identity-Layer transforms into the Ego-Layer
  • The Ego-Layer transforms into mind-stuff

Mind-stuff under the influence of static Activity gets cruder and is eventually transformed into the ether.

The pressure and domination of static Activity continue increasingly. This external pressure:

  • decreases the the external space within that structural scope.
  • simultaneously increases the chemical affinity.

The gradual crudification results in the other layers:

  • aerial
  • luminous
  • liquid
  • solid
Mindstuff = Aether + Aerial + Luminous + Liquid + Solid

The solid factor is:

  • the crudest manifestation of the Cosmic mind-stuff
  • where the pressure of static Activity on the Cosmic mindstuff reaches the zenith of its capacity.

Energy is the External Pressure from Static Principle of Activity

The external pressure of static Activity on those 5 layers manifests as “Energy” (práńa). This energy is made up of 2 opposing forces:

  1. A divisive force (centrifugal)

This tries to split up the object into thousands*

*Superphysics note: This leads to entropy in Physics. This manifests as a quasar

  1. A unifying force (centripetal)

This is the centre-seeking or interial force that tries to maintain the object’s structural solidarity*

*Superphysics note: This manifests as a galaxy

Energy = (Divisive Static Pressure from Activity + Unifying Static Pressure from Activity) 5 Layers

Every solid factor has energy which is the eternal game between the Cosmic cause and its crudest effect.

Either of the 2 active forces may win.

  • if the unifying forces win, then a nucleus is formed within the solid factor. This leads to a solid structure. The maintenance of its physical solidarity then depends on the external pressure from static Activity .
  • if the divisive forces win, no nucleus is formed

Even if the unit’s structural solidarity is maintained, there can be spaces within the unit structure where the divisive forces predominate over the reacting unifying forces.

In such a space, dissociation occurs.

  • The spaces under the influence of a creative divisive force gets detached from the parent body.
  • This manifests as the wear and tear in the unit structure.

The physical deficiency caused by this wear and tear is compensated by the energy that we get from food, light, air, water, etc.

The solidarity of our composite structure remains unchanged in spite of this wear and tear as long as the nucleus remains under the influence of the creative unifying force.

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