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Chapter 1b

The Formation of Identity

by PR Sarkar Icon
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The Cosmic Identity as Identity-Layer from Sentient Principle of Activity

Thus, Activity expresses Herself as the resultant force that starts crudification*.

  • This Activity is sentient, though rudimentally static.
  • It creates the Pure “I” feeling in Consciousness.

*Superphysics Note: Crudification is the start of the feelings

It is a pure “I” feeling because sentient Activity cannot go any further.

This stage is known as the Identity-Layer (Mahattattva).

  • It is nothing but the Cosmic “I”
  • This is the first bondage of Consciousness by His innate sentient Activity.
Cosmic Identity [The One] = Pure Consciousness + Sentient Principle of Activity

This bondage is located in a microscopic fraction of His universal body.

  • But it is not felt as a bondage because of its looseness
  • Hence it is merely theoretical

The Consciousness in the Identity-Layer undergoes only the slightest metamorphosis.

Active ‘I’ as Ego-Layer from the Mutative Principle of Activity

As crudification goes on, sentient Activity is gradually transformed into mutative Activity due to internal clash.

  • This mutation causes the feeling of a second subject.
  • This transforms the Cosmic “I” into the Cosmic Doer or Active “I” under the influence of mutative Activity.
Cosmic Doer [The Active One] = Cosmic Identity + Mutative Activity

This Cosmic Active “I” is known as the Ego-Layer (Ahaḿtattva).

  • Here, the bondage created by Activity on Consciousness is more prominent than that in the Identity-Layer
  • But it still is subjective (second subjective) in character because Consciousness still has no objects
  • This bondage felt by the Ego-Layer is therefore also theoretical.
From a psychological point of view, the Ego-Layer is the activated counterpart of the subjective “I” caused by mutative Activity.

The metamorphosis of Consciousness in the Ego-Layer is still highly subtle because there are no objects yet. Thus, the Ego-Layer exists only in subjective strata.

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