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by Paracelsus
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Balneum Mariæ, or Maris, as many call it, is a furnace for distillation containing water, in which being warm Chymicall vessells are put for the putrefaction of the matter which they contain, as also for their separation, and for the performing the operations of that kind of moist ascensions.

Balneum roris is a furnace, in which the vessells of Distillation are put over the vapour of the water only, that the vapour doe not touch the body: also it is called a vaporous furnace.

Balsamum is a substance of bodies preserving things from putrefaction. It is internall, and externall. Internall in man is a certain temperate substance, not bitter, nor sweet, nor soure, not Minerall salt, but the salt of liquor, which preserves the body strongly from putrefaction. Externall is Turpentine, which hath never come to the fire, but is digested.

Balsamum de Mumiis is that which is extracted from flesh.

Balsamum Elementorum externum is a liquor of externall Mercury, i.e. the Mummie of externall elements, one of the three principles, the firmamentall essence of things.

Baul is urine.

Baurac is any kind of brine.

Berillistica is an art of observing visions in those kinds of glasses.

Berillus is a Crystalline Looking-glasse superstitiously consecrated by the Augurs.

Bismutum is the lightest, whitest, and basest kind of Lead.

Bitumen is a certaine kind of slimie mud extracted out of water, and is like to pitch, and is as it were the pitch of the earth.

Bothor are wheales, or pustles.

Botin is Turpentine.

Brassadella, or Brassatella is Adders-tongue.

Brunus is St. Anthony’s fire.

Bruta is an influence of a Celestiall virtue, which by Brutes is manifested to men, as in the Sallendine by the Swallow, in Salt the use of a Glyster by the Storke, and many more of that kind.

Butyrum Saturni is that which above is called Altey, and it is the sweetnesse of Lead.

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