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Hymns 1-

3 minutes  • 510 words
Table of contents

Hymn 1

I Laud Agni, the chosen Priest, God, minister of sacrifice. The hotar, lavishest of wealth. 2. Worthy is Agni to be praised by living as by ancient seers. He shall bring. hitherward the Gods. 3. Through Agni man obtaineth wealth, yea, plenty waxing day by day, Most rich in heroes, glorious. 4. Agni, the perfect sacrifice which thou encompassest about Verily goeth to the Gods. 5. May Agni, sapient-minded Priest, truthful, most gloriously great, The God, come hither with the Gods. 6. Whatever blessing, Agni, thou wilt grant unto thy worshipper, That, Angiras, is indeed thy truth. 7. To thee, dispeller of the night, O Agni, day by day with prayer Bringing thee reverence, we come 8. Ruler of sacrifices, guard of Law eternal, radiant One, Increasing in thine own abode. 9. Be to us easy of approach, even as a father to his son: Agni, be with us for our weal.

Hymn 2

BEAUTIFUL Vayu, come, for thee these Soma drops have been prepared: Drink of them, hearken to our call. 2. Knowing the days, with Soma juice poured forth, the singers glorify Thee, Vayu, with their hymns of praise. 3. Vayu, thy penetrating stream goes forth unto the worshipper, Far-spreading for the Soma draught. 4. These, Indra-Vayu, have been shed; come for our offered dainties’ sake: The drops are yearning for you both. 5. Well do ye mark libations, ye Vayu and Indra, rich in spoil So come ye swiftly hitherward. 6. Vayu and Indra, come to what the Soma. presser hath prepared: Soon, Heroes, thus I make my prayer. 7. Mitra, of holy strength, I call, and foe-destroying Varuna, Who make the oil-fed rite complete. 8. Mitra and Varuna, through Law, lovers and cherishers of Law, Have ye obtained your might power. 9. Our Sages, Mitra-Varuna, wide dominion, strong by birth, Vouchsafe us strength that worketh well.

Hymn 3

YE Asvins, rich in treasure, Lords of splendour, having nimble hands, Accept the sacrificial food. 2 Ye Asvins, rich in wondrous deeds, ye heroes worthy of our praise, Accept our songs with mighty thought. 3 Nasatyas, wonder-workers, yours are these libations with clipt grass: Come ye whose paths are red with flame. 4 O Indra marvellously bright, come, these libations long for thee, Thus by fine fingers purified. 5 Urged by the holy singer, sped by song, come, Indra, to the prayers, Of the libation-pouring priest. 6 Approach, O Indra, hasting thee, Lord of Bay Horses, to the prayers. In our libation take delight. 7 Ye Visvedevas, who protect, reward, and cherish men, approach Your worshipper’s drink-offering. 8 Ye Visvedevas, swift at work, come hither quickly to the draught, As milch-kine hasten to their stalls. 9 The Visvedevas, changing shape like serpents, fearless, void of guile, Bearers, accept the sacred draught 10 Wealthy in spoil, enriched with hymns, may bright Sarasvati desire, With eager love, our sacrifice. 11 Inciter of all pleasant songs, inspirer o all gracious thought, Sarasvati accept our rite 12 Sarasvati, the mighty flood,–she with be light illuminates, She brightens every pious thought.

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