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Chapter 12

State Defence and Security

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Article 30

  1. Every citizen shall have the right and duty to participate in the defence and security of the State.

  2. The defence and security of the State shall be conducted through the total people’s defence and security system, with the Indonesian National Military (TNI) and the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) as the main force, and the people as the supporting force.

  3. TNI, consisting of the Army, Navy and Air Force, as an instrument of the State has the duty to defend, protect, and maintain the integrity and sovereignty of the State.

  4. POLRI, as an instrument of the State that maintains public order and security, has the duty to protect, guard, and serve the people, and to uphold the law.

  5. The structure and status of TNI and POLRI, the authority relationships between TNI and POLRI in performing their respective duties, the conditions concerning the participation of citizens in the defence and security of the State, and other matters related to defence and security, shall be regulated by law.

Duty to serve in the military

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