Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 2

The Electric Current

by Benham
4 minutes  • 720 words
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No two hands are exactly alike because no two people are exactly alike in character, temperament, or in any other way.

Thousands of experiments have proven that in whatever way these persons differ, a corresponding change is found in the hand.

The nearer people are like each other, the nearer alike are the lines in their hands.

The hands of children are often similar with those of their parents.

Even though you do not at first accept this hypothesis as being true, nevertheless give it a trial, and apply it faithfully and carefully to your line reading.

If this is done you will find that, whether you believe it true or not, you are able, through its application, to correctly read the lines in the hand, and after you have acquired the ability to do this, it matters little to you whether the theory be false or true. Of all the fingers of the hand, that of Jupiter is the only one which can stand erect by itself.

The other three are so bound together that they cannot be straightened out independently of each other. Thus the finger of Jupiter is the magnet which attracts the life Current that passes through it into the body.

The Electric Current

I think that we are surrounded on all sides by an atmosphere which is charged with some imponderable force*. If it is not electricity, is still very like it in action and results.

*Superphysics Note= In Taoism, this is chi. In Hinduism, it is pranah that lies in the aethereal layer.

This force is widely diffused, intangible, and possesses great power. The concentration of this force creates the life Current which is a link between the human being and the Unknown.

This force we can neither see nor feel. We can only judge of its presence by its results.


  • enters our body at birth through the finger of Jupiter
  • forms a magnetic Current which ceaselessly travels through us during life
  • continually passes out of us again
  • stops at death.

This is the same life Current in Chapter 2 Part 1.

We need to prove the existence of this life Current.

The finger of Jupiter is the attractor. It:

  • stands erect
  • draws together the diffused force surrounding us
  • concentrates it into a steadily flowing Current.

Our body is like an electric dynamo. This life Current is like the Electric Current which keeps the dynamo moving.

It flows steadily into us through:

  • the finger of Jupiter
  • then reaches first the Heart line and setting in motion the circulation
  • then the the Head line and awakening the mind.

When circulating, the mind starts to operate, life begins. Thus, this Current passes on to the Life line and courses through it.

The whole sphere of current’s operation is in the hand itself. When the Current has passed through the Life line, it passes over the lines of Saturn, Apollo, and Mercury, finding its egress through these fingers. This is why the start of the Heart line is under the finger of Jupiter.

It is read from there across the hand to the percussion.

  • The Head line is read in the same direction.

  • The Life line is read from its start, under the finger of Jupiter, downward.

  • The beginning of these 3 lines covers the earlier years of life.

  • The central portion records the middle part of life.

  • The ends of the lines cover the latter years.

It is not until the Current reaches a line that it begins to operate, so since the line of Saturn receives the Current from the end of the Life line, we begin to read it from the bottom upward.

The lower part of the line of Saturn covering the first years of life, the topmost portion the latter days, and the central portion the middle part of life. The lines of Apollo and Mercury both are read in the same direction.

The Main lines in the hand are six in number, and are called the Heart line, the Head line, the Life line, the Saturn line, the Apollo line, and the Mercury line, each one of which indicates different qualities. The Mercury line has also been designated Hepatica, Liver line, and line of Health, but it is in reality the line of Mercury, and I shall call it so.

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