Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 1b

The Dual Mind

by Benham
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The second basis is that the dual mind exists and operates as has been stated previously.

The mind is dual in its nature. It:

  • operates in illimitable space
  • is unhampered by material surroundings, and
  • has in many cases looked into the future.

The map of any life may be altered.

Our life plan may be changed by many circumstances. These may be the influence of other people, accident, strong desire to change backed by determination, or perhaps failing health.

Thus when these changes do or are to occur, new lines appear, and cross, obliterate, weaken, or strengthen, as the case may be.

The Main lines, which are the original map of the life, and strong lines fade and disappear as the mind changes upon the matters these lines indicate. There has been a popular teaching that in paralysis the lines in the hand disappear, and the obliteration of lines occurring when this death of nerve force takes place has been cited to prove that lines are formed and controlled by the brain.

The lines do not disappear with all paralytics.

The course of the life in some cases goes on uninterrupted by the paralysis, though impeded by it, for though the body may often be helpless the mind may remain keen.

In such cases the lines only become dulled and dimmed, but not obliterated. When the brain softens, as in paresis, the lines do fade and vanish, in the same proportion as the mind is destroyed, for as mind disappears there is nothing that will sustain vitality in the lines and preserve them as they were.

Thus though there may be a brain, it will not control the lines unless it has a mind behind it, and though motion of the body may be lost by paralysis, the mind may still be bright and in operation, in which case the lines will be retained.

In the hands of insane whose lunacy comes from a lack of mental balance but not from cellular brain destruction, we find strong lines. In this case mind is present, but in an unbalanced condition, for the possession of mind does not always mean mental balance. In every case where mind is obliterated, the lines in the hand disappear.

The Main lines indicate what the natural course of the life is, new lines just beginning to form show emotions and ideas just starting within the subject. Man is an enigma; you do not know the workings of his mind as you talk to him, often he does not fully understand them himself. If you looked at his brain you could not learn his thoughts. Patient students are, and have been, giving years of life to the search for a key with which they can unlock the secrets of the human mind.

They have been working from many different directions, but the objective point has always been the same. One key is the Hand, the servant of the brain, plainly in sight; and with this key you can unlock the secret chambers of any mind. And, while I do not say that there are no other keys, I do say that this is the most reliable of which I know, for while men may be dissemblers, they cannot change the expression of the hand as they can the face.

By the hand is revealed the man as he is, not as he may pretend to be, and you can learn from it his mental attributes and their probable outcome. One thing you must never forget. You cannot find the same events marked in every hand. And if your subjects are closely examined, it will be found that they are not all profoundly impressed by the same things. Therefore never claim you can read a certain series of events before examining your client’s hands.

Only the matters which are hereditary or are natural tendencies with him, or those things which have developed in him, and have created a profound impression upon his mind, will be shown in his hand.

Manifestly, as all subjects are not impressed alike, and not knowing in advance what has most forced itself upon any mind, you cannot, until you have examined the hand itself, tell what it is possible to read from it. So the claim of any palmist that he will tell everyone who consults him all about love, marriage, wealth, or any certain set of events, is based either upon his ignorance or his dishonesty. Every hand tells only its own story, and it is impossible to tell what that story is until you have looked into the hand.

There amateur tends to be too daring and attempts too much in the beginniug.

The best method to pursue is to confine your work at first to the Main lines, and gradually as you find your skill increasing begin to use chance lines and combinations. By proceeding cautiously, confidence in the science and in yourself will be gained, and your proficiency rapidly increased.

Every palmist finds his investigations leading him into channels corresponding to his trend of mind. Some will see every hand from its business side, some from its artistic, others from its scientific or health sides, and in this way palmists become specialists in certain directions.

As their numbers increase this will be more marked, and it will add much to the value of the practice, just as it has done in medicine. My advice is, to note the trend of your greatest interest, and equip yourself for this specialty.

In the beginning be satisfied to locate two or three prominent events in the life of a subject, and increase that number as skill increases, and the life map becomes easier for you to read.

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