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Bob Lazar's UFO Design

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Superphysics uses information from all possible sources to increase the knowledge about a topic or subject.

This means we take information from sources from ancient times, various cultures, and even non-humans, as channeled aliens, elementals, etc.

An example of channeled information is the Quran which was channeled* through the Prophet Mohammad.

*Such information can only come from 3 sources: ex-physical being in spirit form, Elemental, or alien. Because of Its errors in astrophysics, we speculate that Allah is an Elemental of a much higher level than Jinns.

Material Superphysics validates its principles and technology proposals by comparing them with advanced alien races.

A known alien technology is the UFO that was revealed by Bob Lazar.

It has 3 main parts:

  1. Antimatter reactor
  2. Gravity amplifiers and wave guides
  3. Sensor array
UFO Design

Antimatter Reactor

This uses Element 115 which produces antimatter to create energy. Lazar explains that a proton is added to Element 115 for it to become Element 116 which then decays and releases antimatter. This antimatter then reacts with a gas to create energy, converted to electricity at near 100% efficiency.

We speculate that Element 115 is not a natural element (mode of matter) but is rather a high-energy artificial element enriched by continuous fusion reactions.

This is why it decays readily when a proton is added, to become the unstable Element 116. Instead of decaying back into spacetime (2nd Element in Cartesian Physics) and causing inefficiencies, it decays into antimatter anti-Element-116. This means that the instability, which came from a single proton, has flipped its vortex.

Such instability is usually created by humans in linear accelerators where high-energy matter is smashed into iridium. The main difference with the UFO reactor is that Element 115 is not being accelerated, nor is it being smashed into anything.

So we can say that Element 115 is inherently ready-to-be-destabilized. This can only happen if it were made artificially.

Gravity Amplifiers

His explanation for the gravity amplifiers fit with Cartesian Physics which regards gravity as a pushing force. However, he sources anti-gravity from the Gravity-A wave which is really the Strong Force. This is why he sources both the power source and the anti-gravity ability of UFOs to Element 115.

We, on the other hand, assign the anti-gravity ability to the gravity amplifiers which can gather and funnel qosts (spacetime particles or gravitons) into a smaller area, increasing its volume and therefore power.

The mechanics for this is already done by people who can levitate using their chakras. This is where Bio Superphysics merges with Material Superphysics, or Cartesian Biology merges with Cartesian Physics.

For example, the main mechanism for human levitation is pranah or biological qosts. Descartes calls them animal spirits which is detected by the heart and is then normally sent to the brain.

Levitators hack this by letting the pranah skip the brain and instead go to wherever his abstract mind (non-physical mind) wants. This translates to either telekinesis or levitation.

Sensor Array

These collect information from the outside world, similar to cameras and detectors in a self-driving car.

In Cartesian Physics, this matches the heart as the organ that both senses and gathers the qosts.

In the UFO design, this is why the sensor array is directly above and parallel to the waves amplifiers, as to create a single unit of qost detector and emitter.

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