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Cartesian Physics Solves the Yang Mills Mass Gap

by Juan Icon
February 12, 2024 1 minutes  • 186 words

In Cartesian Physics, every energy packet is a vortex which has 2 direction clockwise, counterclockwise. This duality leads to symmetry and asymmetry. These packets take 5 forms as the 5 Elements or Fundamental Forces.

Yang Mills uses a gauge group G for each Fundamental Force whereas Descartes simply splits them up into 5 Elements.

  • In spacetime, (Element 2 in Cartesian Physics), the duality manifests as clockwise, counterclockwise black holes.
  • In electromagnetism (Element 1 in Cartesian Physics), this manifests as spin.
  • In the weak force (Element 4? in Cartesian Physics), this symmetry manifests as Chiral symmetry.
  • In the strong force (Element 3 in Cartesian Physics), this manifests as matter-antimatter.

Empty space has energy from the pure aether (Element 0 in Cartesian Physics). This solves the mass gap.

In layman speak: “The duality (Yang Mills) in each of the 5 Elements (Gauge Group) exists as properties of vortices (field fluctuations) which are ultimately aethereal in nature.”

The big problem is that Newton rejected the aethereal vortices and replaced them with simplistic mass. And so Physics has no scope for the answer because the blind are leading the blind.

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