Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 1

The Material Layer of Superphysics

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January 27, 2020 2 minutes  • 301 words
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The material layer is the lowest layer in the universe and manifests as physical objects.

Material Layer Name Physics Counterpart
Traditional Name Earth Strong Force
Substance Som Proton
Medium Mom Strong Force
Quanta Qom Quark

An example of a material thing is iron ore.

According to science, iron ore is made of ’elements’, specifically as Fe which is one of the 118 known elements.

Periodic Table

Instead of elements, Superphysics refers to the ’elements’* as ‘versions’. Thus, there are 118 versions of matter which are simply 118 versions of energy in the material layer.

‘Matter’ is rooted on ‘mother’ in Latin, while ‘Element’ is based on ‘rudiment’

In terms of creation, this layer is the final layer in the journey of dynamic energy and entropy towards stasis and is where mind is at its most dormant state.

Thus, an idea from the Supreme starts as:

  • an idea in the aethereal layer
  • then it is emitted via galaxies in the spacetime layer
  • then it spread as particles in the radiant (electromagnetic) layer
  • then it is transformed by the transformative layer into basic versions (elements)
  • then it is hardened into one of the 118 versions in the material layer

We call quarks as qom or quantum of matter, just as we called gravitons as qost or quantum of spacetime. So far, the common fundamental material particles are:

Quarks (Qoms)

Physics Name Superphysics Name Spin Physics Charge Mass Description
Up Quark Light boy qom 1/2 +2/3 2.2 MeV/c2 The lightest quark.
Forms neutrons with 2 down quarks and
protons with 2 up and 1 down
Charm Quark Woman qom 1/2 +2/3 1.275 GeV
Top Quark Heavy woman qom 1/2 +2/3
Down Quark Light boy qom 1/2 -1/3 4.7 MeV/c2
Strange Quark Boy qom 1/2 -1/3 95 MeV/c2
Bottom Quark Heavy boy qom 1/2 -1/3 4.18 GeV/c2

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