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Chapter 4b

Theory of Elastic Gravitational Bands

by Juan Icon
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Part 1 explained the dualities in each Layer.

Layer Positive Vortex Negative Vortex
Probability Existing Non-Existing
Aethereal Unifying Divisive
Spatial Counterclockwise Rotation Clockwise Rotation
Radiant Male (Positive Charge) Female (Negative Charge)
Convertible Left Chirality Right Chirality
Material Color Charge Anti-Color Charge

The Positive and Negative Polarity of the Aethereal Layer manifests as clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation in the Spatial Layer.

  • The clockwise rotation represents the Negative Force
  • The anticlockwise rotation represents the Positive Force

This is most obviously seen in the rotation of high-energy galaxies which create long spiral arms.


The Hubble constant and the findings of the James Web Telescope expose the errors in the current understanding of Physics established by Newton and Einstein.

We fix this by bringing back the pre-Newtonian Physics established by Descartes (‘Cartesian’) that enshrined the aether instead of matter.

Cartesian Physics calls gravity as ‘slings’ that ties 2 identities together.

Kepler calls this tie as kinship. This tie is relativistic, elastic, and irregular (eccentric).

It manifests as the orbital patterns of the material planets and comets, leading to Kepler’s laws wherein objects affect each other’s position in space. This mutual, multilateral affection is why he called his work the Harmonies of the World and why the objects in space are where they are.

Descartes adds on to Kepler’s Physics by adding the idea of the electromagnetic and galactic slings to the material slings which he calls aethereal ‘Fire’, ‘Air’, and ‘Earth’ respectively.

We merge the Physics of Kepler and Descartes with current findings to create the Theory of Elastic Gravitational Bands, or The Elastic Theory.

Instead of gravity being based on matter (as Newtonian mass) or the fabric of spacetime (as Einstein’s fabric), it is based on different types of elastic bands that depend on the nature of the identities in question.


For example:

  • Newtonian gravity is a matter-to-matter band in static form. In active form, it manifests as Newtonian contact forces
  • The ‘warping of spacetime’ is caused by electromagnetic-to-electromagnetic band and is really the refraction of light in outerspace
  • Dark energy is really caused by the galaxy-to-galaxy band that follows the ‘baryonic acoustic oscillation’ sphere
Band Type Physics Name Description
Material to Material Matter-to-Matter These manifest as Newtonian gravity
Radiant to Material Electromagnetism-to-Matter These manifest as the original Relativity of Poincare, which we use to replace the ‘Special’ Relativity of Einstein
Radiant to Radiant Electromagnetism-to-Electromagnetism These manifest as Lorentz Relativity and is used to replace the General Relativity of Einstein
Radiant to Spatial Electromagnetism-to-Galaxy These manifest as dark matter
Spatial to Spatial Galaxy-to-Galaxy These manifest as dark energy
Spatial to Material Galaxy-to-Matter These are unknown to Physics. We use it to assert that a material object can never escape its galaxy through linear movement and is forever trapped unless it teleports to another galaxy

Freeing Minds

With this, we can safely discard the General Relativity theory of Albert Einstein from Physics just as Aristotle’s earth-centered solar system was totally rendered obsolete by Copernicus and Kepler.

This is to put all human minds on the same page and to reject the excessive focus on quantification and math that ends up crudifying the mind. Instead of calculus and numbers, we focus on the ratios and harmony between entities.

Crudified humans love matter, money, and the self, but are unaware of the ‘forever-traps’ that these create. This forever-trap manifests as the limitations of Physics and the lack of spacetime and aethereal technologies.

In Economics, it manifests as the trap* of raising interest rates to solve inflation but causing a recession.

*Economic Superphysics breaks this trap through barter.

With Einstein’s General Relativity gone, things can travel faster than the speed of light again. It’s the liberation of Physics from the dark ages caused Einstein.

The combination and relation between material objects, electromagnetic objects, and galactic objects are infinite and even arbitrary. This is why this theory is to be open-source or copyleft in order to incentivize minds to focus on or specialize on a specific band.

For example, if your last name is Nguyen, you can fork this theory as ‘Descartes-Kepler-Nguyen Elastic Theory’. You can make your own batch of tensors if you want to focus on material and electromagnetic bands, and data model if you want to focus on the galactic bands.

The Matter- and Electromagnetic-bands require Newtonian math and calculus. The Galactic-bands require data science since the gravitational signature of galaxies are arbitrary – each galaxy is unique and therefore produces its own equations or data model.

Required for New Technologies

The mastery of the Matter-to-Matter band leads to anti-gravity technology and is the key to making fusion sustainable via gravitational confinement instead of magnetic confinement.

The mastery of the Electromagnetism-to-Electromagnetism band leads to ultra long distance communications technology that the current ‘quantum’ technologies are unable to do.

The mastery of the Galaxy-to-Matter band leads to teleportation technology.

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