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Why String Theory is a waste of time

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When electrons were first discovered orbiting the nucleus, physicists tried to predict their movements using Newton’s Laws as F=m(v2/r).

However, it didn’t work. So Einstein tried to use his Special Relativity and it also didn’t work.

Niels Bohr solved it by proposing that the electrons followed pre-defined energy levels from the aether.

This led to Quantum Mechanics for small-scale movements which was based on state-change, in line with Descartes’ Physics wherein internal state is the source of movement. This is different from Newtonian Physics where external forces are the cause of movement.

Like Newton, Einstein’s General Relativity also believes that movement comes from outside, as external mass that ‘warps’ spacetime.

General Relativity, which explains large-scale movements, is thus in opposition to Quantum Mechanics, which explains small-scale movements.

To unify both, physicists invented string theory wherein particles become threads which integrate with the fabric of spacetime.

In this way, it uses predefined levels, as “dimensions”, like Quantum Mechanics in the small-scale, and the arbitrary warping of spacetime in the large scale.

The big problem with this is that General Relativity is a false theory to begin with because it negates the aether by enshrining electromagnetism which is inferior both to the aether and spacetime.

This makes spacetime arbitrary, leading to make-your-own-spatecimes like Taub-Nut, Godel, DeSitter, etc.

As a result, General Relativity messes up Quantum Mechanics and renders it forever incomplete.

String theory is really a Frankenstein theory that creates arbitrary dimensions. This arbitrariness makes it unscientific and untestable.

Descartes’ Physics solves this by deleting Einstein’s Relativity.

It instead proposes that all movement comes internally from the state of the core of a particle, object, planet, or galaxy.

These states have predefined levels or ranges. The relative interaction of the states creates movement, whether as energy emission or gravitation. It also contracts space and dilates time depending on the relative wave-states.

The manipulation of wave-states will therefore create anti-gravity and the teleportation of masses, both of which are impossible if you regard movement as coming from the outside.

Instead of Relativity, length contraction and time dilation are caused by the state of the light or electricity as it moves through space.

It has no effect on inorganic matter whatsoever and only affects eletromagnetic things like satellites, atomic clocks, stars, etc.

Electrodynamics and mechanics are not in absolute rest.

Motion is always in the movable thing, not in that which moves.

However, Quantum Mechanics this was in disagreement with General Relativity which

In “The Quantum Theory Of Line-Spectra”,

Planck introduced the Planck constant which set the minimum measurable value of particles.

Physicists tried to predict the position of electrons using Newton’s laws as F= . This didn’t work.

Eisntein tried to solve it by using his Special Relativity. This didn’t work either.

Bohr solved this by throwing away both Newton and Einstein and instead saying

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