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Mass-Energy Equivalence

by Juan Icon
March 13, 2024 2 minutes  • 357 words
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The idea of Mass-Energy Equivalence was created by Einstein through his famous equation: E=mc^2.

Mysteries of Electromagnetism

The main mystery in the 19th century was that beta decay and cathode rays causes electrons to shoot out randomly. Why?

Einstein said it was not random, but was based on the electromagnetic potential of the electron (denoted as mass or m) through an inherent property called Relativity wherein light (as c) was a critical component.

So the direction of the electron was based on energy which was based on its potential relative to other things with mass or potential.

And so E=mc^2 was born as a necessary consequence of Special Relativity.

Special Relavity was created when Einstein wrongly used light to be the measure for time. This made light the measure of space and magnitude as well.

Mass is bound by space and magnitude. And so the potentiality of a material object is mass being bound by spacetime, as c.

This paradigm of Einstein creates multiple problems just as sweeping things under the rug solves an obvious problem but create many small ones.

No Anti-Gravity Problem

The biggest problem is that it makes light superior to spacetime, when in fact it is the other way around. This is why anti-gravity cannot be discovered under E=mc^2.

Moreover, E=mc^2 is only applicable to active and radioactive particles.

This is why it can be used to create nukes which releases energy instantly from active particles. It does not work for burning paper since paper is not radioactive. Instead the heat can be given by q = mcΔT.

Mass = Potential Problem

Einstein made a mistake by denoting electromagnetic potential as mass, when he should have denoted it as electromagnetic potential. Because of this, people mix it up with Newtonian mass.

This leads to wrong statements like “The Higgs field gives mass to particles”. In reality, it only gives electromagnetic potential. Particle mass is given by the Strong Force.

Solution: E=pc^2

The proper equation should therefore really be E=pc^2 where p is the electromagnetic potential of a particle that has a high ratio of qor1 (Cartesian 1st Element) over qom1 (Cartesian 3rd Element).

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