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The Arrow of Time Non-Problem

by Juan Icon
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The Arrow of Time is a non-problem arising from Time being based on perception of the change in states.

There are 2 changes in states:

  1. Physical
  2. Mental

The physical changes in the physical universe are caused by physical energy.

The metaphysical changes in the mental universe are caused by mental energy.

Physical state-changes are observed through the medium of light.


The problem with physical time began in the late 19th century when the speed of light was formalized.

Einstein used this formal speed as his c. This then became the measure of physical energy by sight. This necessarily formalized physical time as an ‘arrow’.

It’s an arrow because we see that energy always naturally spreads as entropy and never converges i.e. by design the universe spreads energy because that is how existence itself is maintained.

The problem actually begins when scientists think about it. This confounds physical time with mental time.

This then leads to the notion of ’emergent time’. This is the exact sign that physical time and mental time have been mixed up by some physicist who has nothing better to do.

Mental time in the physical context is explained by quantum mechanics. In quantum mechanics, such as in the quantum eraser experiment, particles teleport instead of going back in time.

However, physics interprets it as going back in time because energy is always in a space and therefore time is the variable – the particle ‘goes back’ into a previous energy state.

This problem is easily resolved by not mixing up physical time and mental time.

  • Physical time is ‘proper time’ in Einstein’s Relativity
  • Mental time is ‘coordinate time’

The physicist must stop thinking about the arrow of physical time, just as the entangled particle does not really care about its energy states – it just accepts those states, reacting to them without thinking.

This policy would save a lot of wasted mental effort and funding which should go to better uses like healthcare or environmental protection research.

The blame for this falls squarely on Einstein because he decreed light to be superior.

Poincare, the original author of Relativity, did not assign supremacy to light, and so his Relativity never mixed up physical time and mental time – he never bothers about the arrow of physical time. This is proven in his Chapter ‘The Measure of Time’

Humans should either obey Einstein (and the materialists) and keep Physics stuck in a rigid box without any new discoveries, or obey Poincare-Lorentz (and the aetherealists) and merge Physics with Metaphysics to free it up and unite Newtonian mechanics with Quantum physics.

If you believe that science should stay stuck and that the planet should heat itself up and cause life to go extinct (since there is no scientific solution), then Einstein logically is a genius.

But if you believe that science should progress and we can get out of this heated planet by quantum teleportation and faster-than-light travel, then it follows that Einstein is a sophist who trapped humans in an extinction box, achieved faster with nuclear weapons which he himself promoted.

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