How We Found the Aether Drag Icon

April 13, 2022

In 1887, an experiment was done to detect the mysterious aether which was thought to slow down light.

Two light beams were arranged perpendicularly, with one going along the Earth’s motion. This made it go with the aether, making its speed different from the other. But the result showed that the speed of both light beams were the same. Therefore, the aether did not exist.

But this merely shows the physicists’ misconception at that time. Back then, spacetime was not seen as a single idea. And so the measurement was done at the same timespan. Even when the experiment was repeated at another time, it was still done within the same timespan.

But the aether is the medium of space and time, and of reality itself. And so the proper way to measure it is to compare light (one of its effects) at very distant times, the farther the better.

This is similar to measuring land by the speed of 2 cars running over it. Measuring the speed of 2 cars at a short distance gives you very little data on the features of the land. But if you let the cars run far, then you can get an idea of the features of the land, such as how one car is dragged by the terrain but not another.

The Michelson experiment is therefore a test of a way to measure the speed of light. It is not a test of the aether itself, though it can test the aether indirectly by testing the speeds of light at different times.

Aether drag

The image above shows that the aether drag has always been there. We call the large differences as “high-level aether drag”, and tiny differences as “low-level aether drag”.

  • High-level aether drag leads to huge amounts of ignorance.
    • An example is a caveman not knowing how to create the internet.
  • High-level aether drift leads to huge amounts of knowledge.
    • An example is a genius like Newton or the Buddha who discovers Physics and Buddhism.
  • Low-level aether drag leads to tiny amounts of ignorance.
    • An example is solving a math problem that does not add up
  • Low-level aether drift leads to tiny amounts of knowledge.
    • An example is a software programmer solving a bug

The data scientist will deal with the low-level aether drag for use in technological applications.

  • The metaphysician will deal with high-level aether drag for guidance

These will add quality control to aether science and prevent junk theorists like Kant and Einstein from destroying and corrupting it with transcendence and simultaniety respectively.

Instead, the metaphysician will use the spacetime definition of Avicenna, Hume, and Poincare to guide the data scientist in developing space-time tech and aether tech that are rooted in reality instead of imagination.

  • Examples of space-time tech are levitation, teleportation, and time travel
  • An example of aether tech is artificial sentience

Since the aether is the medium of reality, then it unifies not only all physics (Newtonian, pre-Newtonian, Asian, Quantum, etc), but also all the sciences. It only avoids non-real knowledge such as religion, myths, and fiction. Such myths might be real in other multiverses, but not ours.

The aether explains all real movements, not only physical ones, but also the movements of ideas and feelings. Examples are:

  • the movement of Russia-Ukraine from peace to war
  • the movement or evolution of the idea of a horse-drawn carriage into an automobile, and then into an hybrid electric car, and then into an electric flying car in the future
  • the movement of stock prices
  • the movement of fashion trends and why some trends stay, while some die out

Knowing how the aether moves everything will let us move things into the peaceful, happy reality very different from the current reality, ignorant of the aether, filled with war, pandemics, and crises.

For example:

  • instead of fighting over limited resources and real estate here on Earth, spacetime tech can allow interstellar travel where resources and planet-land are inexhaustible
  • instead of creating conflict between Ukraine and Russia, constitutional virtues and multilateral clearing can be used to find a common ground between liberal economies and centrally-controlled economies
  • instead of doing nothing against global warming, the concept of investing and operating in commercially non-viable, but morally viable, ventures can be introduced in order to prevent the bigger loss from climate change that hurts everyone’s investments