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Chapter 1

What are Elementals?

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March 14, 2024 5 minutes  • 905 words
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Note: This topic is quite huge and we do not want to disrespect Indian or Chinese or native tradition by getting facts wrong. However, we also want to clear up some misconceptions. So it will take time for us to complete this part.

The Two Paths of Life

Superphysics allows 2 Domains in Reality: Physical and Metaphysical

This is applied in Bio Superphysics which divides the path of life into two: The Physical and the Metaphysical Tracks.

Elemental Tracks
The Circle of Life begins with the Idea of the Supreme. It then gets crudified as matter in stars which are ‘deployed’ throughout the universe via supernovae. It then evolves through the Layers or Elements until it becomes aethereal and returns to the Supreme

The Physical Track is made up of physical life that we all know of. This is divided into kingdoms and species such as those of bacteria, plants, animals, and humans.

The Metaphysical Track is made up of metaphysical life that we commonly call as spirits, deities, or elementals. Like physical life, this has many divisions which we organize according to the 5 Layers or Elements (This is why they are called Elementals in the first place).

We only discuss the Elementals that have physical effects and not for any impractical speculation. We then use these effects to solve problems in the Physical Domain.

What are Elementals and What are They Used for?

Paracelsus calls Elementals as spirit-beings that have human-like properties.

We think that such properties arise from them having chakras, similar to how humans and animals have chakras.

We define Elementals as metaphysical beings that can cross over to physical reality as to produce physical effects. This makes them different from pure metaphysical beings that cannot create such effects, usually because they are so subtle and so far away from physicality. Such entities, we call as spirits.

Elementals are useful in gauging the health of Nature. The destruction of natural environments cause the Positive Elementals to die out, allowing the negative ones to flourish.

It is these Negative Elementals that implant evil desires and ideas into physical life, in humans, animals, etc. This then manifests as the degeneration of society through wars, crime, immorality, etc.

Therefore, the knowlege of Elementals is essential in creating a better world both ecologically and morally.

The science of Elementals falls under Bio Superphysics which focuses on life as an active expression of the ideas of the Supreme.

Generally, their study will add diversity to human life just as:

  • the study of art leads to artists and galleries
  • the study of sports leads to athletes and spectator sports
  • the study of cooking leads to chefs and restaurants
  • the study of religion leads to priests and monks in churches and temples

All of these contribute to human and economic activity. In fact, the practice of using elementals was prevalent enough during the Roman times that their lawmakers had to set laws against what were regarded as supernatural acts.

The 5 Elements

We go with Paracelsus and classify the Elementals according to the Elements which we call Layers in Superphysics. Like him, we are gutsy enough to analyze the Elemental realm in a systemic manner and compare it with the systems of other cultures. But unlike him, we use all 5 Elements instead of 4.

Aside from Paracelsus, our other references for this are PR Sarkar, Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist tradition as these are very common in India.

Indians do not call them “fairies” or “nymphs”. They have their own ancient names for the many varieties of these spirits and/or elementals - Devas, Maruts, Adityas, Rudras, Vasus, Asuras, Daityas, Danavas, Kalakeyas, Nivatakavachas, Panis, Ganas, Abhasvaras, Pramathas, Raumyas, Nagas, Uragas, Pannagas, Mahoragas, Apsaras, Gandharvas, Kinnaras, Vidyadharas, Charanas, Sadhyas, Kindevas, Yakshas, Guhyakas, Gramanis, Dakinis, Dakas, Rakshasas, Brahmarakshasas, Krodhavasas, Nairratas, Suparnas, Bhutas, Pretas, Pishachas, Vetalas, Darbas, Yatudhanis, Makaras, etc.

Faeries are ‘devatas’ in Hinduism.

We categorize the beings in our Elemental Zoo into Five:

Layer Indian Class Name Paracelsus Name
Aethereal Siddha, Vidyadhara, Videhaliina ?
Spatial Ghandarva Sylphs
Radiant Yaksa Vulcani
Convertible Kinnara Nymphs
Material Prakrtilina Gnomes

Like anything above the Physical Radiant Layer, these can be triggered by sound of the Aethereal layer.

Ways to Detect the 5 Elementals

There are various ways to detect Elementals just as you can detect animals through their sound, smell, sight, or touch.

The most effective way that we know is through a developed ajna chakra which acts as a window or third eye to the Elemental universe.

Humans can ‘see’ the Elemental Universe through their ajna chakra. It can be ‘felt’ through the heart chakra and others

Our preferred technique is to meditate with your back touching against a large tree. This creates a physical contact connection with your spine and the tree which then has connections to the Earth and the Elemental Universe.

An important part is to hold the proper mudra to let the aethereal energy circulate through your body. For this we have tried 2 mudras:

  • pranayama open handed (in the photo above)
  • right hand over left hand* (not interlocking) with thumb touching and hands on the navel area

*Left over right hand emits energy

Another way, though far less effective or sustainable, is through the use of psychedelics. These alter the brain in order to allow the perception of the other layers of reality. However, this also might cause physical damage, aside from building dependence, and so it is not recommended.

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