Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 3

The Chakras as the 5 Layers Applied to the Soul

by Juan Icon
January 25, 2020 1 minutes  • 109 words
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Superphysics follows the five-layer model of the universe as described by the ancient Greeks, Hindus, and Chinese.

Superphysics Physics Greeks (Timaeus) Hindus Chinese
Aethereal Higgs Aether Akasha 水 still water
Spatial Gravitation Wind Vayu 木 moving wood
Radiant Electromagnetism Fire Tejas 火 radiant fire
Transformative Weak Water Jala 土 transforming earth
Material Strong Earth Pritvi 金 solid metal

The 7 Chakras from the 5 Layers

When viewed from the perspective of the individual soul, this manifests as the 7 chakras

Superphysics Chakra Palmistry Mounts
Aethereal Throat, Third Eye, Top Chakra Saturn, Mercury, Luna
Spatial Heart Chakra Apollo
Radiant Navel Chakra Jupiter
Transformative Sex Chakra Venus
Material Root Chakra Mars