Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 2

What is Life?

by Juan Icon
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In Superphysics, Consciousness is merely the other half of Existence. If a thing exists, then there is a consciousness to perceive it. If there is no existence, then it means there is no consciousness.

The Universe exists. Therefore, the Universe has consciousness.

Life = More Expressiveness

In Material Superphysics, this consciousness of the universe manifests itself through the reaction of objects. For example, rocks expand when heated, water flows down, light travels from a source to a target, etc.

Such actions are the effects of objects being conscious of their surroundings, as to react to them. A non-conscious object would be something that does not react at all. It would not be seen since it does not react to light, nor can be felt as it would not react to touch.

In other words, a truly non-conscious thing would not exist at all. Rather, its existence could never be verified.

The actions of objects are therefore their ways of expression.

  • Rocks expand as their expression to heat
  • Water flows as its expression of gravity
  • Light travels from A to B as its expression of space

The expression of non-living things is very much limited compared to that of living things.

Since the expression of consciousness comes from the Positive Force, then it follows that the limitation of this expression comes from the Negative.


A non-living thing therefore is non-living because the Negative Force constricts its mind to limited modes of expression such as expansion and simple movement.

A living thing, on the other hand, has a mind that can accept external feelings and ideas and likewise express them because the constriction by the Negative Force is weaker.

‘Life’ therefore is an expressive mind that inhabits a less-expressive physical body.

How is Life Created?

The Principles of Superphysics explained that the Two Forces act together to create both physical and metaphysical existence.

The Negative or Repressing Force crudifies the Positive or Inciting Force starting from the aethereal layer until it condenses into matter as a star.

Further oppression from the Negative Force leads to the explosion of the stellar matter as a supernova. This spreads both material particles and aetherael life throughout the solar system.

Life therefore comes from stars just as matter does.

Under this paradigm, there should be an abundance of life just as there is an abundance of matter in the universe. The main difference is that the manifestation of aethereal life in the physical domain requires cooperation of the rest of the 4 layers:

  1. Spatial
  2. Radiant
  3. Convertible
  4. Material

Without these, aethereal life cannot take a physical material form. The rarity of physical life in the universe is therefore from the difficulty of getting all 5 layers aligned to support life.

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