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Chapter 2

The Five Layers of Existence or Reality

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Chapter 1 explained that reality is divided into the Physical and Metaphysical Domains. We therefore expand the word “reality”, which comes from the Latin word “res” meaning “things”, to include both physical and metaphysical phenomena.

The ancients observed all natural phenomena and categorized them under 5 Elements which they called:

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Aether

Modern Physics also observes phenomena, but only those that are of the physical kind. Instead of Elements, they base their observations on movement and have assigned 4 Fundamental Forces for all movement or change in the universe:

  1. Strong Force
  2. Weak Force
  3. Electromagnetism
  4. Gravitation

The Forces Have A Hierarchy

Modern Physics tells us that gravity can affect light, but light cannot affect gravity.

Likewise, electromagnetism can affect iron, but ordinary iron does not exert electromagnetism.

However, a mass of iron can exert a small amount of gravity, but not enough to affect light.

It follows that the forces have a hierarchy, wherein gravity is superior to electromagnetism, and electromagnetism is superior to matter (as the Strong Force).

To unify ancient and modern, we combine the 5 Elements and the 4 Fundamental Forces to create the 5 Layer Model of Superphysics.

Rank Name Greek Hindu Chinese Vietnamese Physics
0 Probabilty Potency ? ? ? Probabilty
1 Aethereal Aether Akasha 水 (still water) Thủy Pseudo-science
2 Spatial Air Vayu 木 (moving wood) Mộc Gravitation
3 Radiant Fire Tejas 火 (expanding fire) Hỏa Electromagnetic Force
4 Convertible Water Jala 土 (changing earth) Thổ Weak Force
5 Material Earth Pritvi 金 (solid metal) Kim Strong Force

The 5 Layers of Superphysics

The Aethereal Layer

The aether is the material of the abstract mind, as well as the ideas and feelings that are generated by that mind.

In Taoism, it is the water element.

In Hinduism, the aether is the akasha. This leads to the concept of akashic records which leads to the concept of aethereal memory. This is different from the electronic memory that manifests in hard drives, computer chips, and brains.

Human, animal, and plant minds are sentient because they can tap into this aethereal memory which is of the same material as their aethereal minds.

Computers only have access to electronic memory and so are incapable of sentience. Therefore, the path to artificial sentience is to give computers the ability to access aethereal memory.

Aethereal memory is the mechanism behind chance and karma, manifesting as good or bad luck. If you enter bad data into a database, then you will necessarily query bad data later.

It would certainly be useful to know when your good or bad luck (resulting from your good or bad actons recorded by the aether) is scheduled to arrive so you can prepare for it. In this way, you won’t be tossed around by chance and have more manageable experienes in Existence.

All Physics mysteries such as are so easy compared to the mysteries of the aether.

An aethereal mind can refer to either a physical mind or a non-physical one.

  • a physical mind resides in the brain.
  • a non-physical mind is called a soul. It is above, or not bound by, the lower layers.

The multiverse is itself is one huge aethereal mind, which the Hindus call Brahma. In our matrix analogy, this mind can be seen as the RAM of a computer that generates its own virtual reality.

Each virtual reality in the Matrix is its own universe. Thus, our universe is just one of many.

Unlike Science and New Age philosophy that puts emphasis on consciousness as to put all existential mysteries in it, Superphysics puts all the mysteries in the aethereal mind.

This is because consciousness is just ‘on’ or ‘off’ just as existence either “exists” or “doesn’t exist”.

The nature of this Mind then forms the subdivisions of Superphysics:

  1. Material Superphysics - this studies the nature of the Mind of the physical universe
  2. Bio Superphysics - this studies the nature of the Mind of a living being
  3. Social Superphysics - this studies the nature of the Mind of society

Since the dynamics of Social Superphysics does not have a physical aspect, it does not have the 5 Layers. Instead, it has the 4 Cycles which is the effect of the 2 Forces.

‘Mental Universe’ falls under either:

  • Superphysics, if it is abstract or theoretical
  • Bio Superphysics, if it is in reference to the real world
Subscience Description
Material Superhysics The aether will be the key to manipulating spacetime
Bio Superphysics The aether is represented by the 3 chakras: Top, Third-Eye, and Throat

The Spatial Layer (Spacetime and Timespace)

Subscience Description
Material Superhysics This is the start of physicality by providing the physical arena for the ideas as light, matter, objects, etc.
Bio Superphysics This gives the properties of time and space to ideas and feelings. This is represented by the Heart Chakra.
The Spatial Layer splits the multiverse into discrete universes

Spacetime is the key to understanding the aether since it is just next to it. This is why only long-running civilizations, such as the ancient Egyptians, Hindus, and Chinese, have a chance at unlocking the aether.

The Radiant Layer (Electromagnetism)

This is where heat, light, light and polarity begins both in the physical and mental universe.

Subscience Description
Material Superhysics This is the start of electromagnetism
Bio Superphysics This shows the effects of heat and desire to the mind and body. This is represented by the Navel Chakra.

In Cartesian Physics, the Radiant Layer is the start of matter. However, we do not adopt this as the start of matter in Superphysics is the Material Layer.

The Convertible Layer

This is responsible for change when acted on by heat, light, or matter.

Subscience Description
Material Superhysics This is the start of the Weak Force in Physics. It is responsible for ‘flavor-changing’ in particles.
Bio Superphysics This shows the evolution or change in cells and organisms, including reproduction. This is represented by the Sex Chakra.

The Material Layer

This is the crudest and most obvious layer, just as the aether is the subtlest and most mysterious layer.

Subscience Description
Material Superhysics This is the start of the Strong Force in Physics.
Bio Superphysics This the actual physical cell. This also includes Western medicine wherein cells are made to interact with various material chemicals. This is represented by the Root Chakra.

Isaac Newton assigns this as the start of matter, which we also adopt.

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