Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 2

Everything is an Idea

by Juan Icon
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Table of contents
Axioms Propositions
There are 2 Domains in Reality The Metaphysical is Superior to the Physical
. The Objects in the Metaphysical Domain are called Ideas

In the previous chapter, we divided Existence into 2 domains:

  1. Metaphysical: This creates metaphysical reality
  2. Physical: This creates physical reality
The 2 Domains
The Physical Domain extends from the material layer up to the mid-spatial layer. The Metaphysical Domain extends from the mid-spatial layer up to the aethereal layer.

This has practical uses.

For instance, we sometimes perceive something totally new. When Covid first struck in December 2019 in Wuhan, doctors had no metaphysical idea of it, even if they could see the physical disease.

In this case, the physical disease started to exist through the senses of the Wuhan doctors. But the complete idea of it did not exist in human minds until scientists established it as a new idea called Novel Coronavirus Disease, later renamed as Covid-19.

It means that the complete metaphysical idea existed in Nature, before humans could completely recreate it in their minds.

Covid in water
The idea of Covid is started to exist in the physical domain when the physical perception of the new virus began. Its evolution from ‘Novel Coronavirus Disease’ to ‘Covid-19’ is an example a metaphysical ‘aether drag’

The Superiority of the Metaphysical Over the Physical

This strengthens the fact that:

  • physical things are perceivable through our 5 senses
  • metaphysical things are perceivable through our intellect and feelings (the 6th sense).
  • every physical thing or perception has a corresponding metaphysical idea or feeling
  • every idea or feeling exists before its physical version does.
Mug Economics

The mug only existed after the maker of mugs had the idea of a mug, as to be able to create a physical mug.

It follows that Covid-19 existed after Nature had the idea for it, and that its solution already exists in Nature*.

Update: December 14, 2021
*This is why our proposed solution to end Covid is to end the war against the Amazon rainforest, just as the Spanish flu ended after the peace of World War I. Vaccines are just a workaround that is supposed to buy time to implement that real solution. Unfortunately, science thinks that vaccines are the solution. The error in this is proven by the rise in the recent Covid hospitalizations in Europe despite their high vaccination rates.


  • every physical thing or perception has a corresponding metaphysical idea or feeling
  • every idea or feeling exists before its physical version does.

For example, before a novel about a cat is written in a physical form, the idea for the novel must exist first.

Therefore, the metaphysical aethereal idea is superior and prior to its physical material form.

  • The material form is easy and obvious.
  • The aethereal idea is abstract and hard to grasp.

To dull and unthinking minds, this makes the material version of the idea as seemingly superior, even if it is actually just the effect.

The dull-minded people and the sharp-minded ones then argue on which came first, and which is superior.

Did the physical version come first? Or did the aethereal or idea-version come first?

  • The pro-metaphysical camp would say that ideas, spirit, and Plato’s forms came first. This is the chicken.
    • An example is the Hindu belief that the universe was created from the thought of Brahma
  • The pro-physicality camp would say that matter, material evidence, and Aristotle’s material substance came first. This is the egg
    • An example is the Big Bang, wherein the universe came from a material singularity that had all the mass of the universe.

The aetherealist-materialist rivalry exists in civilized cultures:

Culture Aetherealist Materialist
India Vedanta, Buddhism Kali (idol-worship), Carvaka
China Taoism Confucianism
Islam Sufism Sunni policies such as Sharia (e.g. the Quran has geocentric physics inherited from Aristotle)
Europe Religion, Philosophy Science

In the West, the rivalry manifests as philosophy versus science.

_ Philosophy Science
Emphasis Spirit and ideas Sensory proofs and material evidence
Consciousness is.. ..the metaphysical soul ..the physical brain

Superphysics is in between both abstract philosophy and material science.

  • It is grounded on the metaphysical, but can quickly extend down to sensory evidence and practicality.
  • It sees the physical brain and its hormones as the effect of the metaphysical soul and its feelings.

Unlike science which manipulates the brain and hopes that it changes the soul or mind, Superphysics works directly on the soul in order to resolve its physical issues with the brain.

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