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Chapter 1b

The Cartesian View

by Juan Icon
March 19, 2023 2 minutes  • 284 words

Previously, we dividided reality into 2 domans:

  1. The Metaphysical
  2. The Physical

The current sciences ignore the metapyhsical domain and instead focus solely on the physical one.

To explain metaphysical phenomena, humans have invented philosophy, religion, and mysticism. These have been disregarded by science as imaginary. Science brands their explanations as pseudo-science, as if science and the physical domain were superior to the metaphysical.

We cure this materialistic view by creating the a metaphysics-first perspective which we call the Cartesian View which has 2 parts:

  1. The Aethereal Cartesian Plane

  2. The Cartesian Plane

This view takes the metaphysical domain as the cause (via the Aethereal Cartesian Plane) and the physical domain as effect (via the Cartesian Plane).

Currently, science has only the ‘Cartesian plane’ which is used to plot movements on paper. It is a 2-dimensional space that has quality in one axis relative to time in another axis. The movement through time makes the 2D space infinitely long.

Here, the y axis represents a quality in different magnitudes of variations.

Cartesian planes
The Cartesian Plane (left) plots the changes of an identity through time or relative to time (temporal changes) based on certain quality. The Aethereal Cartesian Plane (right), on the other hand, plots the changes of qualities relative to each other. The latter shows the how different each self is the previous and future self.

We add the Aethereal Cartesian Plane which is has the identity as its origin and has multiple axes representing the qualities of that identity that change over time.

Aethereal Cartesian planes

The Aethereal Cartesian Plane reveals more data which can be interpreted as new information which we call the dynamics of the identity. These dynamics are then based on its gravitational signature or dharma.

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