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Chapter 5

The Ideology Matrix

by Juan Icon
July 21, 2021 3 minutes  • 583 words
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Social Cycles + Spacetime

Modern sociology and politics have confused different socio-political belief systems with each other. The most common examples are:

  • Socialism being confused with Communism
  • Liberalism being confused with Libertarianism
  • Capitalism being confused with Business Interests

To fix this, we created the Ideology Matrix which classifies every socio-economic-political idea that can be possibly generated by the human mind.

It combines David Hume’s explanation of the dynamics of the mind, with Socrates’ cycles made up of:

  • democracy
  • tyranny
  • aristocracy
  • oligarchy.

It matches these to the 4 Hindu castes made up of:

  • shudras
  • ksatriyas
  • brahmins
  • vaeshyas.

By doing so, we:

  • unify eastern and western metaphysics
  • show that both had the same core observations of human society and the human species, but using different terminologies
Update: December 2021
We have now systematized this as the Four Laws of Value
The four governments are those of Crete and Sparta, which are generally applauded. Oligarchy comes next; this is not equally approved. It is a form of government which teems with evils. Democracy, which naturally follows oligarchy, although very different. Lastly comes tyranny, great and famous, which differs from them all and is the fourth and worst State.
The Republic, Book 8
Social Cycles
In Social Superphysics, democracy is populist (shudra), tyranny is militant (ksattriya), aristocracy is philosophical (brahmin), and oligarchy is mercantile (vaesya). These then are caused by the Four Laws of Value which are the metaphysical counterparts of the physical Four Laws of Thermodynamics

It’s a 3D matrix that classifies ideas based on three axes:

  • Selfishness-nonselfishness (as a function of ego or the entity observing existence)
  • Objectivism-nonobjectivism (as a function of the natural duality of existence, or physics vs metaphysics, within space-time)
  • Social cycles (as a function of how the ego changes in duality in different space-times)

Ideology Matrix 3D

By plotting their core ideas in our matrix, it is easier to see how Marxism (Communism) is different from all other belief systems.

The ideas then progress in a cyclical way from democracy to oligarchy, then back to democracy. For example:

  • the expansionist ideas of the tyrannical Mongol Yuan dynasty was overturned by the Ming dynasty
  • the Ming started as aristocratic but turned oligarchic as it focused on trade and its Treasure fleet
  • the Ming Hong Wu emperor was later overturned by the isolationist policy of the more-democratic Qing dynasty
  • finally, it was overturned by Communist tyranny

Ideology Matrix 3D

In America, this can be seen in:

  • the oligarchy created by George W. Bush which was overturned by the democracy of Obama
  • the democracy of Obama was later overturned by the tyranny of Trump

The most sustainable political philosophies and economic systems are those that are near the center, which balance non-selfishness and objective-ness, while adapting to changes in the social cycles.

In Buddhism , this is called the Middle Way and is essential to sustainable happiness.

In economics, this would be Capitalist systems having a bit of Socialism (as what the Nordic countries are doing), or Socialist systems having a bit of Capitalism (as what China is doing, though they seem to take the state capitalism side too far).

Essential to Social Superphysics

The ideology matrix is an essential part of Social Superphysics as it will help advance beliefs and ideologies that are near the center, yet flexible enough to fit the current cycle of the country where it will be implemented. This will make it global yet local at the same time. It is implemented as one of the features of ISAIAH Match which is our machine learning platform.

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