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Part 1

Articles 1-4

by Juan
1 minutes  • 117 words

Article 1: The Feelings

All actions come from feelings.

Article 2: Virtues

A virtue is a combination of specific feelings which aim at positive results, agreeable to humans in general.

Article 3: Detestable Vices

Vices are the opposite of virtue. Detestable vices are those that are abhorrent to the general human feelings. Examples are:

  • mass murder and genocide
  • mutilation and violent rape

Humans who carry such feelings with the intention of realizing them are to be called “inhumane”.

Article 4: Eradicating Detestable Vices

We will aim to eradicate such feelings and detestable vices from having a chance of breeding in human minds and hearts through a comprehensive approach tapping into morals, traditions, religions, systems, laws, and policies.

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