Chapter 4b

Four Laws Table

March 24, 2022

Here is a table for the four classifications of Exchangeable value in Superphysics, using “price” as its snapshot:

Superphysics Personal Society
Subjective and Variable (Buyer’s perspective) Nominal Price (value in currency) Market Price (value to the buyer)
Objective and Natural or Invariable (Seller’s perspective) Real Price (value in grain or labour) Natural Price (value to the seller)

This is in contrast to Economics which has no concept of Real and Natural Price as it would prevent arbitrage, profit maximization, and consequently private sensory pleasures. It only has economic value (nominal price) and market value (market price):

Economics Personal Society
Subjective and Variable Nominal Price (value in currency) Market Price (value to the buyer)

We can now summarize our laws:

Law Price Purpose
1 Nominal Utilization - exposes the lack and the need
2 Real Specialization - increases quality and quantity to deal with the lack
3 Market Diffusion - addresses the lack
4 Natural Balance - prevents the crashes that leads to a recurrence of lack

In addition, we can see how the four laws of value are the reverse of the laws of thermodynamics. For example:

  • the Zeroth law or the balancing of temperature is the first in Physics, but is the last in Superphysics as economic balance of the Fourth law
  • the Third law, as absolute zero, is the last in Physics, but is the first in pantrynomics as its First law, as everything having a value.

This is because Physics believes that the universe began as an energetic Big Bang where energy began first, whereas humans start from birth or low-energy sleep where lack begins first

Superphysics law Thermodynamics law counterpart
1st 3rd
2nd 2nd
3rd 1st
4th 0th