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Timaeus Simplified

The Republic Reviewed
Chapter 1
The Republic Reviewed →
Ancient Egypt and Atlantis
Chapter 2
Ancient Egypt and Atlantis →
Timaeus' Lecture
Chapter 3
Timaeus' Lecture →
The Soul
Chapter 3b
The Soul →
Time and Space
Chapter 4
Time and Space →
Created Beings
Chapter 4b
Created Beings →
The Universe
Chapter 5a
The Universe →
The 5 Elements
Chapter 5b
The 5 Elements →
The Nature of Motion
Chapter 5c
The Nature of Motion →
The Senses
Chapter 5d
The Senses →
Colors and Causes
Chapter 5d
Colors and Causes →
The Heart, Lungs, and Liver
Chapter 6
The Heart, Lungs, and Liver →