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Natural Remedies for Syphilis

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This disease entered India a few centuries ago it from Europe. Many think that it first originated in dogs, and through contact with them the human body got infected.


In the first stage, the disease will appear on the genitals as chancres, making the area around them quite hard.

Generally there is no secretion of pus or fluid from them. Then, the chancroid usually appears in the groin.

In most cases, these dry up or heal within a short time. In this stage, many people cannot recognize the disease for sure as syphilis, because not all boils are in fact syphilitic [[chancres]] and not all swelling of the groin (swelling of a gland in the groin) is chancroid.

In the second stage, sores of different forms, small or big according to the type of the disease, erupt on the body, and these sores start secreting fluids of different colours and displaying different symptoms.

Syphilis which erupts due to disturbance of the váyu is called “váyu syphilis.”

The sores of this type of syphilis are black in colour and cause piercing pain, throbbing and twinging. When the disease erupts in a body which has already been suffering from vitiation of the pitta, it is called “pitta syphilis.” Its sores are yellowish in colour, very ugly and dirty in appearance, and usually generate a sharp burning sensation.

Similarly, when the kapha has gone bad, the disease is called “kapha syphilis.” In this disease, the mucus is a white colour, and the sores are bigger in size, produce profuse secretions and cause mainly itching sensations. The disease produced by the blood going bad is known as “blood syphilis.” Its sores are copperish or reddish in color and give out red secretions. When general disruption of váyu, pitta and kapha, all three, occurs, the syphilis is called “Tridosaja syphilis.” In this type all the above symptoms are found in greater or lesser degree.

Even though syphilis and chancroid are closely related, and their causes and symptoms are more or less the same, they are two different diseases. It is not a fact that syphilis must cause swelling of the groin; the symptoms of chancroid as an independent disease are the swelling of the groin, the ripening of the swelling, and sores on different parts of the body, especially the sexual organs. The medical name of the syphilis germ is Spirillum pallida (Treponema pallidum), and that of the chancroid germ is “Bacillus ducre.”


  • Not keeping the sexual organs clean
  • excessive sex
  • contact with syphilitic men and women

Beautiful woman

It is widespread among prostitutes

This disease can be transmitted by using their clothing, eating their leftover food, or engaging in sexual relations with them.

But the disease is not normally transmitted by mere association and eating together.

Diet for Syphilis

Non-vegetarian food, onion, garlic, too much spice, all kinds of sweets, and milk products are to be strictly avoided. All types of alkaline foods and foods prepared with ghee are good.

At lunch, it is good to take rice with ghee, and in the evening, rut́i. Vegetable soup and fruits and roots can be eaten in ample quantity. The patient should drink enough water every day. It is good not to take milk till the disease is cured, but one can take milk in increasing quantity as the disease heals.

Dos and don’ts for Syphilis

A sun-bath should be taken every day at a fixed time in summer and winter, exposing the diseased parts of the body to the sun. The sores should be carefully washed with the juice of neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss) leaves, or any other disinfectant lotion, on a regular daily basis, after which neem oil should be applied.

Among the many processes for washing the sores, one of the best is to apply a finely-ground girimáti (red ochre) on the sores and to cover them with a wet cloth. The cloth should be soaked in water frequently. After doing this for an hour or an hour and a half, remove the girimáti and the cloth. In this way the sores will have a thorough cleansing.

Remember that it is injurious to health to suppress the secretion of fluid, blood or pus of any skin sores by external application of medicines. So in the preliminary stage of the disease, no external ointments should be used. Only after the disease is fully developed should neem oil or any other external medicine be applied.

Fasting is also very beneficial in this disease. Syphilis patients must fast on Ekádashii, Púrńimá and Amávasyá. A continuous fast for three or four days on lemon-water alone will bring immediate relief.

The patient should never completely fill the stomach at the evening meal, and that too should be finished by 8 or 8:30 p.m. Sleeping during the day, staying awake at night, and mingling with crowds should be avoided. Also, marriage and sexual relations are strictly forbidden for one-and-a-half or two years after the healing of the disease. All types of intoxicants are to be avoided like poison.

Remedies for Syphilis


  1. Applying lime paste on the chancroid and then raw sugar or honey on top of it will quickly cure it.
  2. Soak a cloth in the juice of apámárga leaves, then dry it and tie it over the area of the sore.
  3. Grind the root of bhuṋicápá in water and then apply the paste on the chancroid as an ointment. The chancroid will soon subside.
  4. The chancroid will subside if young hátishunŕá leaves ground in water are applied as ointment; it will ripen and burst if ointment of hátishunŕá root bark is applied. Sores will be healed if the bark is burnt to ashes and applied after mixing with sesame oil.

Syphilis sores

  1. Green (unripe) areca nut (Areca catechu Linn.) ground in a stone vessel, if applied as a paste on the sores, will heal them.
  2. Take white dhuná [resin of the shál tree] or the white part of dhuná, grind well and beat it with butter into a paste, then rinse it in water and again beat it well; apply the ointment on the sores. They will dry up within a very short time.
  3. Roots of white oleander (Nerium indicum Mill.) well-ground to a paste [[in]] water, applied on syphilitic sores, will dry them up.

Ways to destroy the poison of syphilis and mercury

  1. Syphilis germs will be destroyed by drinking 5 tolas of kuksimá juice every day at dawn; or
  2. Drinking every morning at dawn 5 tolas of juice from mashed kalmii tips; or drinking every morning at dawn 5 tolas of the juice of black basil (Ocimum sanctum Linn) leaves; or drinking 5 tolas of anantamúla boiled in cow’s urine.
  3. Both syphilis germs and mercury poison will be destroyed by eating 1/16 tola of apámárga (Achyranthes aspera Linn) root stuffed and boiled in a green (unripe) papaya.

Mercury spots

  1. An application of buckiidáná ground into a paste in the urine of a black cow; or
  2. An application of the leaves of papaya and bel ground together; will remove the mercury spots.

An excellent way to destroy the poison of syphilis

  1. The patient should obtain 5 tolas of curd (yogurt) and keep it overnight in a stone container.

Early in the morning mix one drop (and not more) of trishirásiija juice in the curd and drink the mixture on an empty stomach. The patient will then soon feel nauseated and will have frequent bowel movements but should not worry. If the patient takes a bath after four or five hours and drinks a glass of micharii-water, the movements will stop. The patient should take nothing but barley-water that evening, and for a few days afterwards eat only a very light diet. This is an excellent process for destroying the poison of syphilis.

The method for preparing neem oil= Extract neem juice by mashing or grinding the leaves. For one measure of neem juice take one-half that measure of sesame oil and mix them together. Boil the mixture down to one-half measure and do not boil further. Take care not to burn the oil.

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