Superphysics Superphysics
Part 1

Human Society Is One and Indivisible

by PR Sarkar Icon
3 minutes  • 551 words


  • is the Supreme Operative Principle
  • is the authoress of multiplicities
  • has been carrying on Her endless creation or diversity.

The beauty, the sweetness and the wonder of this diversity is manifest in every place, in every stratum of creation.

Human beings have emerged as the highest beings at an evolved stage of Her creation along Saiṋcara and Pratisaiṋcara.

There are a great many diversities and apparent distinctions within humanity itself.

  • The people of some countries have dark skin, tall bodies, black irises, black hair, thick lips and flat noses
  • The people of other countries have a fair complexion, medium height, blue irises and aquiline noses.

There is a remarkable difference, a wonderful diversity, in regard to physiognomy – hair, eyes, skin, nose, lips, etc. – among the inhabitants of the different parts of the world.

In fact, this difference between human beings is so staggering that sometimes people are wrongly led to believe that:

  • the white people are superior to blacks
  • the blacks are only a little higher than our animal ancestors

Humans were unable to unravel the mystery of this diversity.

  • This caused them to wrongly preach the doctrine of racial supremacy
  • This ignorance is obvious in:
    • Europe, particularly in Spain, Portugal
    • the USA
    • South Africa
    • Zimbabwe

But is racial supremacy scientific?

  • Is it humanly justified?
  • What does ethnology say?
  • What is the origin of humanity?
  • Did the ancestors of human beings of various colours belong to the same stock, or were they different?

According to ethnology, the human ancestors were the same. From them originated:

  • the Aryans
  • the Austrics
  • the Mongolians
  • the Negroes

Ethnology calls the first forebears of the human race as “Australopithecus”.

On an auspicious day 1 million years ago, the first human being was born.

The Australopithecus group branched out into 2 categories of creatures:

  • chimpanzees and orangutans
  • human beings

The first human beings were born in the vast geographical area between the Java Islands and Palestine.

The Australopithecus gradually transformed themselves into human form slowly over thousands of years into Homo Erectus which is neither Australopithecus nor human.

The fossils of these creatures have been found in different parts of Java, China, and East and North Africa. These creatures of the Homo Erectus species emerged in the unknown past, chiefly during the Pleistocene Age of the earth.

Thousands of species entirely vanished from the enormous changes in the environment. Before Homo Erectus went extinct, they left behind their descendants – Homo Sapiens.

Groups of Homo Erectus spread out in different directions. Some were doomed to extinction because of the hostility of nature and could not adapt.

Other groups ended up in congenial environments and gave rise to a higher species.

The first Homo Sapiens did not remain tied to one place. In quest of greater ease, comfort and safety in life, they spread out from Eurasia into the Arctic Ocean.

  • From the Bering Strait, they went to Melanesia.
  • From there, they moved to other places

At first the colour and physiognomical differences between the scattered Homo Sapiens were not very prominent. But with the passage of time, as they passed their lives over long periods amidst diverse geophysical conditions, differences in their physical structures became more and more apparent. Thus the apparent diversity in the human world today is the product of natural conditions.

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