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Astitva and Shivatva

Existence and the Idea of Existence

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In this cosmic cycle (Brahma Cakra) everyone has his Abhoga, mental food which they run towards. Those who have got several pabula, run after all of them and get exhausted and in the long run they get none. Those who have got only one pabulum get the same very easily.

Instead of running after several objects, run after Visnu [all-pervasive Lord] and get Him because there is only one pabulum here. When more than one food is there, the mind gets divided and none will be achieved.

Men run after their respective food when:

  1. From Saiṋcara comes Pratisaiṋcara
  2. Citta [mind-stuff] comes into being, or
  3. Citta and Ahamtattva [ego] come or
  4. Citta, Aham and Mahat Tattva [pure feeling of “I-exist”] come,

This they do because of inborn instinct or imposed Samskara [stored reactions to past actions] or any other reason.

Prakrta Liila [play of Nature] places several food before man.

He runs after them and forgets Parama Puruśa and gets away from Him. Thus, the Liila of Parama Puruśa goes on. When the movement towards the food is stopped, men start moving towards the Nucleus of these food.

Running after the food is known as Esana. Because of this Esana, the promptness for action (Karmatatparata) is begotten. Hence in no case man should be freed from Esana. Without Esana there will be disturbance. One has only to see the type of Esana.

The subject matter is “Astitva and Shivatva”. Esana has deep relationship with Astitva [existence]. Where there is no Esana, existence ends. Hence, the existence of Esana is essential.

When a man runs after varieties, he gets none. Sometimes a man thinks to be a Minister, sometimes a Secretary, sometimes a poet. There are 1,001 desires. Because of this, Esana is not made fully. A man gets exhausted after running after the material objects and ultimately there is no Karmasiddhi (success in action).

When Esana is indispensable for life, a man has to see what kind of Esana should be made. Behind this Esana is Karmatatparata. These two go side by side. Then what is Karma?

Karma is Brahma. Therefore, do as much Karma as possible. The real Karma is to move towards Brahma and that Karma is nothing but another name of Brahma. It is His metamorphosis. Hence taking Karma to be Brahma, go on performing actions. The action which you will do in that stage, behind that will be the right Esana. That Esana will only be one and not many.

Now the spatial transformation of the object is Karma and together with Karma only that Esana is there i.e. to attain Brahma. In such a case there will be much more acceleration in the process of Pratisaiṋcara. As is said above, when the Esana is only one, the work will be done. When there are so many, the work will not be done at all.

If one desires to take milk and smoke at once, it can’t be possible. A man has to do either of these two. Hence the object of Esana is Parama Puruśa and nothing else. The Esana for other objects has to be channelized towards the Supreme. This will be the right Esana. Hence, the correct Esana for men is Bhakti (Devotion)."

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