Superphysics Superphysics
Chapter 1c

Some Examples of Microvita in Daily Life

by PR Sarkar
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Superphysics Note: This is from the Bengali version of Shabda Cayaniká which really is just a collection of words and their explanations. This chapter shows how microvita are similar to unicellular creatures (krimi) but are not actually germs. We have totally overhauled this chapter to emphasize microvita instead of confusing them with germs.

**Microvita do not belong to the category of unicellular creatures. **

  • Like all other organic and psychic beings, microvita exist, multiply and die.
  • Unlike them, microvita are not directly related to carbon atoms or carbon molecules. Microvita are not subjected to barometric conditions or temperature.

Unicellular creatures grow and decay within the scope of the five fundamental factors

  • But cruder microvita function within the realm of the five inferences*.

*Superphysics Note: These mean the mental or metaphysical body instead of the physicality of the 5 Factors (which become 5 Inferences in the mental realm).

Unicellular creatures can live in stones or any other solid matter as they travel to other planets. But they normally remain in water and other subtle fundamental factors*.

*Superphysics Note: This can only be the convertible or gas-material layers

This is why humans must ensure that their water and air remain pure.

The use of pesticides and germicides may be increased. But if the noumenal cause for disease is not found then the pollution will worsen.

Microvita only have an indirect relationship to pollution.

Circular microvita may function within the scope of the crude mind stuff (kámamaya kosa). Their collective good thoughts can check the flow of negative microvita.

For this, mental and physical development are indispensable in collective life.

Intellectually and spiritually advanced people, through their thoughts, can destroy or resist the movement of enemy microvita.

But if sinful people continue to create newer and newer microvita in their psychic sphere*, there will always remain the possibility of the creation of subtler forms of negative microvita.

*Superphysics Note: Therefore, microvita are born and die in the mind as toughts.

These microvita can cause immense harm in the collective sphere of different planets and the entire cosmos.(2)

But not all microvita are the enemies of human beings:

  • some are harmful
  • some are friendly
  • some are neutral

18 January 1987, Calcutta

The air of the margosa tree:

  • destroys the harmful effects of bacteria
  • can fight against negative microvita

This is why margosa is also recognized as one of the five sacred trees (paiṋcavati).

In the olden days, people liked to perform spiritual practices sitting in an environment free from the pernicious effects of disease and germs.

That is why they would plant paiṋcavati in and around the place of meditation or spiritual practice:

  1. Nimbá (margosa)
  2. Bilva (wood apple)
  3. Shalmali (silk cotton tree)
  4. Bat (banyan indica)
  5. Ashvatha (Indian fig tree)

Some people of course use ámlakii (wood sorrel) as a substitute plant. In paiṋcavati, mahánimba may be planted instead of ordinary margosa.

If a plant, such as a banana, is diseased by an epidemic, 2-3 feet of the diseased part should be cut off and burnt to ashes some distance away.

The ashes should be buried under the earth. The diseased parts should not be burnt in the same place where the epidemic first broke out.

This is because the epidemic might have been caused by a variety of microvita which are not easily destroyed by the normal heat of fire.

When a dead body is left exposed for more than 24 hours, germs which decompose the body set in. These so-called germs are in fact negative microvita.

The slightest contact with these negative microvita is extremely pernicious for most creatures.

However, some creatures have a physical structure that contains more powerful negative microvita.

  • Rotten flesh is not as harmful to them.

Positive Microvita Can Decompose Into Negative

Milk is turned into curd through microvita.

For about 48 hours, these microvita remain in positive form. But if curd remains exposed to heat for more than 48 hours, the positive microvita decompose and change into negative microvita.

This is why curd can be eaten up to 48 hours after it has become ready for consumption.

Later, when the curd emits a rancid smell, it is unfit for human consumption because it is infested with negative microvita.

As long as there are positive microvita in curd, it is more useful and nutritious than milk.

13 September 1987, Calcutta

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