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by Nagina
2 minutes  • 326 words

World War 2 was over and the British were compelled to leave India.

After centuries of subjugation, India became independent.

But the leaders remained stuck in the quagmire of politics. The people, in the absence of social discipline and moral leadership continued to morally degenerate.

The common people were exploited. Collective human and spiritual values were violated. Social values were decaying. The sophisticated and cultured began to scoff at those who followed the spiritual path and called them called fools, cheats and old-fashioned.

At this juncture Baba undertook the task of initiating some people in yogic sadhana.

He could not tolerate the prevailing indifference towards dharma or true spirituality so He took up the work of re-establishing it in society.

Baba made me the medium for an important work in 1955.

I made a medium but I realised that I was successful in that mission.

Oddly enough, at the time, I was completely unaware that I had been chosen as a medium for the task. Consequently a large number of questions came to me from people who could not suppress their eagerness to know all the details of that historical event.

I was deluged by questions from all sides. Everyone wanted to know about Baba and how I came into contact with Him, as well as Ananda Marga and its origins.

Though many had urged me over the years, I had never had the inspiration to write it down.

However finally I had a request and felt such a compelling force that I felt inspired to reduce my experiences to black and white. I was told that these events have a special significance for so many people and that they would be inspired by their narration. This provided the final impulse to write.

Whether this will inspire others - only Baba knows, but I have been inspired to write and therefore I feel grateful. My salutations to He who has inspired me to write these lines.

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