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Idea and Ideology Simplified


2 minutes  • 220 words
  1. The 3 gunas get imbalance because of probability
  2. This creates desire as an identity-wave, powered by static negative energy. This is why yoga and Buddhism advocates ending desire or just desiring the Supreme
  3. The wave degrades into 5 physical layers, with its physical energies
  4. Many waves lead to some waves being the environment of other waves
  5. A combo of the 5 layers has a probability of getting a lot of sentient prakrti (manifest shiva) to be a good environment for life
  6. The good combo creates pranah and unit mind
  7. In time, from clash and cohesion of the shiva and shakti, the unit mind develops an ego from its inherent atman
  8. The unit mind is a reflection of the paramatman which is its goal since it was created from the positive force
  9. Pranah, as positive static energy, has 5 internal and 5 external types to help the mind grow and the atman to be more like the paramataman
  10. The growth of mind is through its heart chakra. This increases its propensities, as glands.
  11. Gradually, the body loses pranah which loses its parallelism with the mind, causing death. The mind finds another body that is parallel with it.
  12. Kundalini is the fundamental negativity that binds the mind with physical reality
  13. Personality is the combination of the physical body, mind, and spirit (samskara)