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Chapter 4

The Mind and the 10 Energies

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Crudification transforms the transcendental Consciousness into Mind, as the Identity-Layer, Ego-Layer, and mindstuff.

The first 2 stages of bondage are theoretical.

  • The movement or vibration is unrestricted by the relative factors of time, space and person.
  • These 2 stages are not perceivable.

But the third stage, He as mindstuff, comes within the jurisdiction of autoperception.

In the process of subtilification (pratisaiṋcara), by division and decimation, solids get metamorphosed into subtler factors.

This creates the unit mind. The stuff of the unit mind is just the same as that of the Cosmic Mind.

  • The Cosmic Mind is formed in the crudification process under the influence of the innate tendencies.

  • The unit mind is created in the process of subtlification under the influence of the belligerent crystals of the Macrocosm.

  • In the extroversial phase, both in Macrocosm and microcosm, static Activity predominates.

  • In the introversial phase, sentient Activity predominates

In both phases, all 3 principles exist.

Even in Objectless Existence (Nirguńa Brahma) these principles continue to exist.

  • It is the stage of absolute peace (pará shánti) because there, the 3 principles are balanced.

Hence in Objectless Existence:

  • there is no humming up of waves, no clash within or without.
  • the Principle of Activity lies quiet.
  • the transcendental sublimity remains unpolluted.

In Tantra, this latent Activity is known as Unexpressed Activity (Anucchúnyá Prakrti).

  • This Unexpressed Activity* is the causal stage of the 3 expressed principles.
  • It is purely abstract.

*Superphysics Note: Superphysics calls it “Pre-Existence”. This uses the sequential property of logic instead of the expressive property of the ego

When the Unexpressed gets disturbed, the 3 fundamental principles start functioning.

  • This expresses their characteristics, leading to Existence (Saguńa Brahma)
  • This leads to the Subjectivated Transcendentality getting stirred in Its impersonal exhibition.

Existence is exhibited through the activities or the activating potentialities of the 3 expressions of Expressed Activty or Ucchúnyá Prakrti.

These 3 expressions are the fundamental creative principles or guńa in Sanskrit:

  1. Sattva (sentient)
  2. Rajah (mutative)
  3. Tamah (static)

In both the crudification and subtilification, the Supreme Entity appears to lose its transcendentality because of these 3 gunas.

Activation of any force signifies a change in position of the body on which the force is applied.

  • Hence during the creation of mind, a localized change takes place within the infinite space of the Transcendental Entity.

The Cosmic Mind, though big, is therefore limited.

  • This limitation leads to its localized characteristics which debar it from becoming absolute.

Mind cannot maintain its existence without objectivity. *

*Superphysics Note: We say that mind must always have an object. To get over a bad or painful event, simply give your mind a new, positive object

During its course of creation, mind automatically gets an objectivity in the form of the done ego or static “I”.

  • Thus, the fundamental mental objectivity is a projected objectivity.

“Macrocosm” or the “Cosmic Mind” is the mind where the projected objectivity presents itself in a collectivated form.

  • It maintains the closest alliance with the projector.
  • It can get itself metamorphosed into many by mere vibration of its thought-waves
  • To the Macrocosm, the projected objectivity (or objectivities) is neither diverse nor external.

“Microcosm” or “unit mind” is where this projected objectivity (or objectivities) appears to be independent of other diversities and detached from the projecting apparatus.

  • Its imagination cannot produce any actuality in the physical world.
  • To the microcosm, the projected objectivity appears:
    • as diversities and beyond the scope of its existence.
    • as original actualities of the physical strata.

In case of hypnotism or ghost-affectedness, the mental image of the unit mind gets projected and appears to be a fact.

  • But actually it has no physical existence.

In the physical world, whatever the microcosm creates is merely a chemical or physical transformation of the 5 fundamental layers provided by the Macrocosm.

The 10 Energies

During the internal and external mental processes, there is always a clash within the physical body due to the external pressure of static Activity.

Energy results from:

  • the unifying and divisive forces working within the physical structure, and
  • the crudification of aether

The 10 energies are known individually as váyus and are made up of 5 unifying:

  1. práńa
  2. apána
  3. samána
  4. udána
  5. vyána

and 5 dividing:

  1. nága
  2. kúrma
  3. krkara
  4. devadatta
  5. dhanaiṋjaya

The cooperative activity of these 10 is known as the vital energy or práńáh*.

*Superphysics note: Práńa is just energy. Práńáh is the energy that maintains the structure.

The sense and motor organs (indriyas) are actually in the brain and not on the external surface of the physical body, which are merely the gateways.

  • These gateways receive the quantum-perceptions emanated from objects.
  • These perceptions are converted into psychic objects according to the inherent samskaras of the individuals.

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