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Chapter 2b

The Evolution of Life

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Reflection Leads to the Physical, Psychic, and Spiritual Forces

The movement of the unit mind accelerates proportionally to the increase in the reflection of Supreme Consciousness on its mental plate.

  • As a result of this denser reflection, the crude mind is converted into subtler mind.

Its mental scope increases as a psychic dilation.

  • This dilation comes from clash, which leads to 3 operative forces:
  1. Physical force, created out of physical clash
  2. Psychic force, created as a result of clashes in the psychic sphere
  3. Spiritual force emanated from longing for the Great

The resulting dilation is not mere puffing up, but an expansion in volume and mass.

The quantum of dilation depends directly on the proximity of the destination. This means the dilation increases as the distance decreases.

  • The increase in mass is due to ever-increasing clash amongst the belligerent forces within the physical structure.

As a result of the increase in volume and mass of the psychic body caused by the longing for the Great:

  • the crude mind grows subtler
  • the mind acquires more potentiality for multilateral activities
  • the physical body also gets metamorphosed as it adjusts for the higher psychic demands

This is why creatures with developed feelings have many glands with peculiar activities.

  • This glandular complexity is essential for facing the psychic clashes in subtler spheres.

The increase in subtlety in the unit mindstuff develops its capacity to realize its subjectivity.

  • The subtler the stage subtlification, the more developed its ego becomes

Later on, it can feel and determine the trend of all its movements.

  • At this stage, the evolved unit mind develops ego and willpower.
  • It can use the momentum acquired during its previous movement in any direction according to its desire.

Before the development of will and ego, expression of the self in a constructive line was not possible.

  • Hence in plant and animal life, where mind is underdeveloped, the vital energy and mind are controlled by the will of the Supreme Mind, the Great Ego.
  • These underdeveloped plants and creatures can have definite progress in subtilification because they are controlled by the will of the Supreme Ego.

By the guidance of the Nucleus , such a unit mind constantly rises higher and higher.

  • But after will is developed, the unit mind can choose any direction it wants
  • It can adopt a course of reverse subtilification (negative pratisaiṋcara)

The human being is the stage when the ego decides direction.

  • The ego develops a feeling that it has a mind and a mental force which it can use.

In the earlier stages, only the will-force of the Macrocosmic Nucleus acts.

  • But at the stage of human development, the thought-waves of the One and those of the many work together.
  • Here the will of the Macrocosm and the will of the microcosm co-exist in the ego.

In the non-human animate world, the cooperation between unit and Cosmic Mind is subordinate and not coordinate.

  • The unit minds work in a subordinated cooperation with the Cosmic Mind.

But in human spheres, the cooperation can be of both coordinated and subordinated.

The human has ego.

  • This ego accumulates past experiences and past lives.
  • That person’s living momentum knows nothing about the phases ahead.

The momentum of previous lives naturally creates a longing for material happiness.

  • People remain unaware of the love of Consciousness, as such a stage or path is untrodden by them.

Who wants to take the unknown risk of an untrodden path?

One who has a longing for the crude lacks the courage to:

  • experiment with spiritual truth
  • follow the path shown by the sages.

Ordinarily, people do not follow this brave path.

  • Instead, they ask some superhuman help for their carnal pleasures.
  • They create imaginary gods or are misled into worshipping the mental creations of others to feel satisfied.
  • These are all worships of the crude.

Reverse-Subtilification as a Way to the Supreme

As a fundamental property, the mindstuff takes the form of the object it entertains.

The constant superimposition of physical entities and mundane waves on the psychic body causes the mental waves to adjust and take the length of the material waves, which represent a cruder psychic projection.

  • For the sake of psycho-physical parallelism, such a crude mind chooses a physical structure cruder than its previous structure.
  • This backward movement is negative or reverse-subtilification (counter-pratisaiṋcara).

In this reverse-subtilification, the unit mind can have a backward jump. The change in mental wavelength causes the physical structure to take the form of:

  • a tree
  • an underdeveloped metazoan
  • a protozoan or
  • an inanimate object such as stone, gold, or silver.

The mental structure of the money-minded capitalist may convert itself into a dollar bill.

Even at this stage, the ever-merciful Macrocosm helps the ego-lost mind.

  • Under the external pressure and internal clash, its evolution or movement towards subtilification restarts and the unit mind regains its proper status.

However, it might take millions of years to place it back in such a proper status.

If the unit mind at that stage of evolution directs its potentialities towards longing for the Great, then it can accelerate its progress towards the Macrocosmic Nucleus.

Its progress can be many times faster than when it was a crude new mind without self-will.

Yoga or Union

Eventually, the psychic gap between the reflected consciousness and the reflecting plate goes on diminishing and these two eventually merge.

This supreme union of Nucleus and the unit mind is known as yoga: Saḿyogo yogo ityukto jiivátmá Paramátmanah.

According to the urge of subtilification, the unit mind goes on dilating because of the ever-increasing reflected density of the Macrocosmic Nucleus.


  • the microcosm acts as a mirror
  • the reflected consciousness is just like the reflection of the rays of the sun. While being reflected, He also associates Himself with the plate.

The association inculcates the sameness of the quality. And so, the associative reflection of the Nucleus will develop in the unit mind the broadness of His Cosmic Self.

  • The sameness and merger of the unit and the Cosmic Mind leads to liberation or mukti.

Thus, if the finite subjectivity (unit mind) dwells on the infinite One as its objectivity, it results in the gradual expansion of its self.

  • This enlarged mind finally merges with the Macrocosmic Nucleus.
  • Hence, such a stage is nothing but mental liberation.

Our psycho-philosophic theory is: “Oneness in objectivity results in oneness in subjectivity.”

  • The unit’s consciousness is the subject of the microcosm or unit.
  • The Macrocosmic Nucleus is the subject of the Macrocosm.

The unit-consciousness (jiivátman) transforms into the Macrocosmic Nucleus when that unit’s objectivity [as the theoretical Cosmic Mind] is converted into the Macrocosm’s objectivity [the actual Cosmic Mind].

The fundamental principle of our Ideation (Iishvara Prańidhána) is based on this psycho-spiritual theory.

28 May 1959

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